Make Textbooks Affordable

Make Textbooks Affordable

The Make Textbooks Affordable campaign is a project of the Student PIRGs to reduce the high cost of college textbooks. The campaign, which launched in 2003, is best known for its research on textbook affordability[1] and its advocacy for open textbooks.[2][3] The campaign has organized more than 2,600 professors to sign the Open Textbooks Statement of Intent[4][5] and created a catalog of open textbooks.[6]

The Student PIRGs have worked with the U.S. PIRG to promote transparency and accountability for textbook pricing in higher education. A website to assure access to accurate textbook pricing information is forthcoming.[7] The Student PIRGs also released a summary of the Higher Education Opportunity Act's textbook provisions to facilitate understanding of legislation that became effective July 1, 2010.[8]

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Campaign Director: Nicole Allen


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