Armenian Brazilian

Armenian Brazilian

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"Armênio Brasileiro"

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poptime = 43,000 Armenian Brazilans [ [ Armenians in Brazil] ]
popplace = Brazil:Mainly Southern and Southeastern Brazil
langs = Portuguese, Armenian
rels = Christianity (mostly Armenian Apostolic and Roman Catholic)
related = Other White Brazilian, Armenian people

Armenian Brazilian ( _pt. Armênio Brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Armenian ancestry, or a Armenian-born person immigrant in Brazil.

Armenian immigrants in Brazil gathered mostly in and around the city of São Paulo, where there are churches, cultural centers, and even a subway station named Armenia. [ [ Governo - Agência Brasil ] ] The Armenian community (or "colônia") keeps a strong presence in the city, albeit not in the nation as a whole. Some Armenian descendents are famous in arts and politics, such as Senator Pedro Pedrossian, actress Aracy Balabanian and actor Stepan Nercessian.

Armenians in Latin America arranged a demonstration in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, where Armenian majority lived. Armenians carried out a ceremony at the monument of Armenian Dead on April 24, 1965 of 50th Anniversary of putting into force the Law of Relocation, and a play titled "The Adventures of Armenians 1915" was written and played by Armenians of Brazil at a theatre of São Paulo.

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