List of mayors of Paducah, Kentucky

List of mayors of Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah, Kentucky formed from a mixed settlement of Native Americans and White Settlers along the confluence of the Tennessee River and Ohio River. The town was incorporated in 1830 and chartered as a city in 1856. The city is governed by an elected Mayor that is assisted by elected City Commissioners. The following is a list of mayors of Paducah, Kentucky from the charter date thru to the present.


History of the office

The first election to take place under the Act of Incorporation took place in 1857 resulting in the first Mayor of Paducah, Jesse H. Gardner, taking the office. The office has been under direct election since its beginning and each incumbent resides in office for four (previously two) years before the next election.

Incorporated city

Mayor Term Began Term Ended Political Party
Jesse H. Gardner 1857 1859
John W. Sauner 1859 1863
John G. Fisher 1863 1867
John W. Sauner 1867 1871
Meyer Weil 1871 1875
John G. Fisher 1875 1877
Meyer Weil 1877 1881
Charles Reed 1881 1889
Joseph H. Johnson 1889 1891
David A. Yeiser, Sr. 1891 1897
James M. Lang 1897 1901
David A. Yeiser, Sr. 1902 1907
James P. Smith 1908 1911
Thomas N. Hazelip 1912 1915
Ernest Lackey 1916 1916 Democrat
Frank N. Burns 1916 1919 Democrat
F. W. Katterjohn 1920 1924 Democrat
Jacob N. Bailey 1924 1928 Democrat
Ernest Lackey 1928 1932 Democrat
Edward G. Scott 1932 1936 Democrat
Edgar T. Washburn 1936 1940 Democrat
Pierce E. Lackey 1940 1944 Democrat
Wayne C. Seaton 1944 1948 Democrat
Gene Peak 1948 1949 Democrat
Stuart Johnston 1949 1952 Democrat
Robert C. Cherry 1952 1956 Democrat
George G. Jacobs 1956 1960 Democrat
Robert C. Cherry 1960 1964 Republican
Thomas W. Wilson 1964 1968 Republican
Robert C. Cherry 1968 1972 Democrat
Dolly McNutt 1972 1976 Democrat
William S. Murphy 1976 1980 Democrat
John K. Penrod 1980 1984 Democrat
Joe Viterisi 1984 1988 Republican
Gerry B. Montgomery 1988 1996 Democrat
Albert Jones 1996 2000 Democrat
William F. Paxton 2000 Present Republican



  • The Political Graveyard - Index of Politicians by Office in Paducah
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