Agenor, son of Phegeus

Agenor, son of Phegeus

Agenor (Gr. polytonic|Ἀγήνωρ) was a son of Phegeus, king of Psophis, in Arcadia.Citation | last = Schmitz | first = Leonhard | author-link = | contribution = Agenor (5) | editor-last = Smith | editor-first = William | title = Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology | volume = 1 | pages = 68 | publisher = Little, Brown and Company | place = Boston | year = 1867 | contribution-url = ] He was brother of Pronous and Arsinoe, who was married to, and later abandoned by, the Argive Alcmaeon. When Alcmaeon wanted to give the celebrated necklace and peplos of Harmonia--which had formerly belonged to Arsinoe--to his second wife Calirrhoe, the daughter of Achelous, he was slain by Agenor and Pronous at the instigation of Phegeus. But when the two brothers came to Delphi, where they intended to dedicate the necklace and peplos, they themselves were killed by Amphoterus and Acarnan, the sons of Alcmaeon and Calirrhoe. [Apollodorus, iii. 7. § 5]

Pausanias, who relates the same story, writes that the chil­dren of Phegeus were named Temenus, Axion, and Alphesiboea. [Pausanias, "Description of Greece" viii. 24. § 4]


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