Austrian Brazilian

Austrian Brazilian

Infobox Ethnic group
group=flagicon|Austria Austrian Brazilian flagicon|Brazil
"Austríaco Brasileiro"

Austrian immigrants in Brazil
popplace= Brazil: Mainly Southern and Southeastern Brazil
langs= Predominantly Portuguese
rels= Protestant and Catholic
related= Other White Brazilian (especially German Brazilians, and Swiss Brazilians) , Austrian people

Austrian Brazilian ( _pt. Austríaco Brasileiro or Austro-Brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Austrian ancestry, or a Austrian-born person residing in Brazil.

Treze Tílias

Treze Tílias is a Brazilian town founded by Austrians from Tirol. In Treze Tílias, both the Portuguese language and the Southern Austro-Bavarian dialect of Austrian German are spoken. The town has characteristics of the Tirol. The economy of Treze Tílias is based on agriculture, tourism, and woodworking. Actually, 60% of its inhabitants are Austrians. [ [ Guia Catarinense - Município de Treze Tílias, SC ] ]

Austrian Colonies

*Ijuí (Rio Grande do Sul - 1890);
*Treze Tílias (Santa Catarina - 1933).

Notable Austrian Brazilians

* Cláudio Heinrich
* Juca Chaves
* Fritz Köberle
* Maria II of Portugal
* Maria Leopoldina of Austria
* Princess Francisca of Brazil
* Otto Maria Carpeaux
* Prince Pedro Luís of Orléans-Braganza
* Prince Antônio of Orléans-Braganza
* Pedro II of Brazil
* Pedro Neschling
* Xuxa
* Taís Araújo
* Benny Feilhaber

ee also

* Immigration to Brazil
* White Brazilian
* Austrian people


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