Jonathan Jackson (black activist)

Jonathan Jackson (black activist)

Jonathan Jackson (1953 – August 7, 1970) was an American black activist from California.

Jackson was raised in Pasadena, California and attended St Andrew's School from 1965-1967 for grades 7 and 8, and then LaSalle High School for 9th grade (1967-1968). He was nicknamed "the Man-Child" by his brother George because of his tall, manly stature as a teenager.

Marin County incident

On August 7, 1970, Jackson brought guns into the Marin County Hall of Justice, where judge Harold Haley was presiding over the trial of San Quentin inmate James McClain. McClain was freed along with two other San Quentin inmates, Ruchell Magee and William Christmas, who were to have witnessed at the trial. Demanding the release of the so-called Soledad Brothers, Jackson and the prisoners took Haley and four other people hostage and attempted to escape.

As the abductors attempted to drive away from the courthouse, Jackson, Judge Haley, McClain and Christmas were killed. Haley was apparently hit by fire discharged from a sawed-off shotgun that had been fastened to his neck with adhesive tape by the abductors. Two of the other hostages were wounded.cite web |author= |url=,9171,909547-1,00.html |title=Justice: A Bad Week for the Good Guys |accessdate=2008-06-04 |date=August 1970 |publisher=TIME]

Later that month the Weathermen bombed the courthouse in retaliation for the killing of the abductors.Fact|date=June 2008

In popular culture

The 2007 film Black August about Jackson's elder brother George also dramatizes the Marin County incident.
Nas pays tribute to George and Jonathan Jackson on his song "Testify" from his latest album Untitled.


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