List of fictional British regiments

List of fictional British regiments

The following is a list of British and Empire regiments that have appeared in various works of fiction.

British Regiments

**Numbered United Kingdom Regiments:
*3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment ("The Devils in Skirts") (A Highland Regiment mentioned in "Carry On up the Khyber" 1968 film {Carry On films})
*3rd Regular Army Deserters, 3rd Disgusting Fusiliers, and 3rd Mounted NAAFI are examples of the regiments that Major Bloodnok (played by Peter Sellers of "The Goon Show") claimed to have served with.
*6th Light Dragoons ("A Close Run Thing" by Allan Mallinson)
*27th Lancers ("The Charge of the Light Brigade" 1936 film) - later a real regiment
*114th Queen's Own Royal Strathspeys [The James Ogilvie books] by Philip McCutchan aka Duncan MacNeil {Also repeated below}
*117th Foot ("The Royal Mallows") (An Irish regiment mentioned in "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" and "The Green Flag" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A real regiment that only existed from 1761 to 1796, sans nickname}.
**Named regiments:
*The Bedford Light Infantry ("Red Cap" BBC-1 TV series 2001-2004)
*The Black Boneens A rival Irish regiment mentioned in "The Mutiny of the Mavericks" by Rudyard Kipling.
*The Black Tyrone An Irish regiment serving in India mentioned in "The Ballad of Boh da Thone" by Rudyard Kipling.
*Bombardier Guards ("The Book of Snobs" by William Makepeace Thackeray; "Put Out More Flags" by Evelyn Waugh)
*Caledonian Highlanders ("Bonnie Scotland" 1935 film {Laurel and Hardy})
*The Chosen Men - Sharpe Books by Bernard Cornwell and Tv series.
*The Cumbrians (Duke of Rutland's Own) ("Soldier Soldier" TV series 1991-1997)
*The Derbyshire Regiment ("Red Cap" BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
*The Dragons (Heathercrest National Service Depot) Regiment (Carry On Sergeant 1958 film {Carry On films})
*Duke of Buckingham's Light Infantry ("The Sky Blues") ("Gideon's Sword Bearers" by John Mackenzie (author))
*Duke of Clarence's Own Clanranald Highlanders ("The Inverness-shire Greens") ("The Monarch of the Glen" by Compton Mackenzie)
*The Duke of Glendon's Light Infantry (The 'Dogs') (The Way Ahead 1944 Film)
*The Fore and Fit Princess Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen-Anspach’s Merther-Tydfilshire Own Royal Loyal Light Infantry, Regimental District 329A ("The Fore and Aft" Regiment) ("Drums of the Fore and Aft" by Rudyard Kipling)
*King's Own Fusiliers ("Soldier Soldier" TV series 1991-1997)
*Lennox Highlanders (Richard Hannay's regiment in the works of John Buchan)
*Jackboot Guards ("The Book of Snobs" by William Makepeace Thackeray)
*Life Guards Green (various novels by William Makepeace Thackeray)
*Light Armoured Brigade (Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde)
*Loamshire Regiment ("Bulldog Drummond" by "Sapper")
**Royal Loamshire Regiment (A fictitious regiment used in British Army texts and manuals as an example.)
**1st Battalion, The Loamshire Regiment ("The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" 1943 film)
**5th Battalion, The Loamshire Regiment ("Men at Arms" by Evelyn Waugh)
*Lord Sempill’s Highland Regiment (A unit that mutinied mentioned in "Gideon's Swordbearers" by John Mackenzie)
*The Malvern Regiment ("Soldier Soldier" TV series 1991-1997)
*Northdale Rifles ("The Mark of Cain" 2007 TV film)
*Queen's Own McKamikaze Highlanders ("Monty Python's Flying Circus" TV comedy series)
* 114th Queen's Own Royal Strathspeys [The James Ogilvie books] by Philip McCutchan aka Duncan MacNeil {ALso repeated above}
*Queen's Own West Mercian Lowlanders ("Fairly Secret Army" TV comedy series)
*Royal Cambrian Fusiliers ("Red Cap" BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
*Royal Corps of Halberdiers ("The Sword of Honour Trilogy" by Evelyn Waugh)
*Royal Cumbrian Regiment ("The Four Feathers" by A.E.W. Mason)
*The Royal Loyal Musketeers ("The Mavericks") An Irish regiment mentioned in "Kim" and "The Mutiny of the Mavericks" by Rudyard Kipling
*Royal North Surrey Regiment "{The Four Feathers" 1939 Film}
*Royal Wessex Rangers ("Spearhead" British TV series 1978-1981)
*South Essex Regiment/Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers (Richard Sharpe's regiment in the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell)
*Weald Light Infantry ("Now God be Thanked" trilogy by John Masters).
*Wessex Guards ("Pigeon Pie" by Nancy Mitford)
*Wessex Fusiliers ("Alms for Oblivion" - a series of novels by Simon Raven)
*Wessex Light Tank Armoured Brigade ("The Well of Lost Plots" by Jasper Fforde)
*The Wessex Regiment ("Red Cap" BBC-1 TV Series 2001-2004)
*West Yorkshire Fusiliers (The Wyffies) Various of Reginald Hill's "Dalziel and Pascoe" crime novels.
*The White Hussars "The Rout of the White Hussars" by Rudyard Kipling

British Empire Regiments

*1st Bangalore Pioneers (Colonel Sebastian Moran's old Indian Army regiment in "The Adventure of the Empty House" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
*12th Gurkha Rifles (Colonel Arbuthnot's regiment in "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie)
*12th Indian Lancers (Major Duncan Bleek's regiment in "Terror by Night" 1946 film {Sherlock Holmes}).
*19th/45th East African Rifles (Captain Blackadder's old colonial regiment before the war in "Blackadder Goes Forth")
*34th Bombay Infantry (Major John Sholto's regiment in "The Sign of Four" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
*77th Bengal Lancers ("Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" American TV show 1956-1957).

pecial Operations Units

*Internal Counter-Intelligence Service "UNIT" audio dramas by Big Finish set in the (Doctor Who) universe.
*U.N.I.T. (Doctor Who)
*Red Troop, 22nd Special Air Service Regiment ("Ultimate Force" TV series 2002-2006)

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