English Brazilian

English Brazilian

:"This article is about Brazilian people of English descent. For English people of Brazilian descent see: Brazilian British"

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caption = Notable English Brazilians:
Charles William MillerMarta SmithEduardo Smith
poptime= 97,390 English Brazilians [ [http://www.migrationinformation.org/Profiles/display.cfm?ID=311 Migration Information Source - Shaping Brazil: The Role of International Migration ] ]
popplace=Brazil:Mainly Southeastern Brazil
langs=Predominantly Portuguese
rels= Christianity (mostly Protestantism and Roman Catholic)|related=Other White Brazilian, English people

English Brazilian (Portuguese: "Anglo-Brasileiro") is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly English ancestry, or a English-born person residing in Brazil.

Based on actual events, the "Lost Colony of the Confederacy" is an interesting book that chronicles the massive immigration of Southerners who fled the former states of the Confederacy and resettled in Brazil. At the invitation of Brazil's ruler at the time, Emperor Dom Pedro II, many Confederates immigrated to Brazil to take advantage of that nation's rich natural resources and most importantly, African slaves in one of the few countries in the Americas who had not abolished slavery yet.These settlers, known as the Confederados, resettled in the Brazilian State of São Paulo, and founded a town they named Americana where many of their descendants still reside.

With Anglo-Saxon last names such as "Stonewall", "Jackson", and "Butler", many of their present-day ancestors still reside in the Southern-inspired town and continue to live the way of life their ancestors once lived. Pecan pies, debutante balls, and Southern hymns are all still alive, although many of them have intermarried with Brazil's population and speak Portuguese as well as English (with a Brazilian-Southerner accent).

Notable English Brazilians

*Affonso Eduardo Reidy
*Alice Dayrell Caldeira Brant
*Berta Lutz
*Charles William Miller
*Lily Safra
*Oscar Cox
*Marta Smith
*Supla Smith

ee also

* Immigration to Brazil
* White Brazilian
* English people


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