Central Sudanic languages

Central Sudanic languages

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Central Sudanic is a grouping of about thirty languages of the Nilo-Saharan language family. Central Sudanic languages are spoken in the Central African Republic, Chad, Sudan, Uganda, and Congo (DRC).

Central Sudanic is usually divided into East and West. Eastern Central Sudanic languages (not to be confused with Eastern Sudanic languages) include such languages as Lendu, Mangbetu, and Lugbara. The western division includes the Bongo-Bagirmi languages (e.g. Baka, Bongo, Kara), and the Kresh languages Gbaya and Aja (endangered).

Central Sudanic languages

**Kresh (Kresh (Gbaya) (Dialects: Naka, Ndogo, Ngbongbo, Gboko, Orlo, Dara, Dongo), Aja)
***Kara (Kara (Gula), Furu, Yuru)
***Bongo (Bongo, Baka, Jur Modo, Beli, Mo'da, Morokodo, Nyamusa, Molo, Mittu)
***Sara-Bagirmi (Birri, Fongoro, Vale, Lutos, Bernde, Bagirmi, Berakou (Babalia), Disa, Gele, Gula, Kenga, Naba (Dialects: Bilala, Kuka, Medogo), Jaya, Ngambay, Bedjond, Bébote, Yom, Dagba, Gor, Gulay, Horo, Kaba, Laka, Mango, Sar (Sara), Mbay, Ngam, Sara Dunjo, Kaba Deme, Kaba Na, Kulfa, Sara Kaba)
**Mangbetu (Mangbetu, Lombi, Asoa)
**Mangbutu-Efe (Mangbutu, Mvuba, Ndo, Mamvu, Efe, Lese)
**Lendu (Lendu (Balendru), Bendi, Ngiti)
**Moru-Madi (Moru, Ma'di, Southern Ma'di, Olu'bo, Avokaya, Keliko, Lugbara, Logo, Aringa, Omi)

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