Donnica Moore

Donnica Moore

Donnica Moore is an American physician and women's health advocate, best known as an author and media commentator on women's health issues. Moore, who is known professionally as Dr. Donnica, has appeared multiple times on U.S. television shows such as CNN, the Tyra Banks Show, The View,[1] ABC,[2][3][4] and is quoted in several articles on the health website WebMD.[5] In 2007, Moore gained attention for teaching TV presenter Tyra Banks to breast feed on Banks' television talk show.[6][7] Footage of the lesson accumulated over two million views on YouTube. [8] Her book, Women's Heath for Life, is a popular resource on women's health.[3][9][10]


Early life and family

After growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Moore entered Princeton University at age 16, graduating in 1981.[11] She was the oldest of six children[11] of Dennis B. and Toby Moore.[12] She attended the University College of Dublin School of Medicine as a Rotary International Graduate Fellow before receiving her M.D. from SUNY Buffalo in 1986.[12][13] She married Dr. Stanley Bernard Jr. in 1988.[12] She has two children, Brian and Jana.[11]


Moore completed two years[citation needed] of residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Temple University, and an additional year[citation needed] in family medicine at Memorial Hospital of Burlington County, New Jersey.[14] According to a 2003 profile in Women in Medicine, she did not complete her training because after undergoing a spinal surgery, her surgeon recommended she not continue a physically demanding medical practice.[11]

After leaving her residency, Moore became Medical Director for Sandoz pharmaceuticals, and made public statements on the company's behalf regarding the safety at least one Sandoz product under FDA scrutiny.[15]


Moore is co-editor, with Sarah Jarvis, of the popular women's health book Women's Heath for Life, (ISBN 0756642779) published in March 2009, by DK Publishing.[9][10]

She is listed as a peer reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association in 1994,[16] and as an editorial board member in 1997.[17]

Organizational affiliations

Moore serves on the advisory board of[18]

The Whittemore Peterson Institute has named Moore their celebrity spokesperson and advocate.[19]


Moore is most well known for her former role as the weekly women’s health contributor for NBC's Later Today Show (1999–2000) and for her frequent appearances on NBC's Weekend Today Show, CNN in 2005[20] and 2006,[21] The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Good Morning America, and others.[1][2][3][4][8]

Moore claims to have 550 television appearances as of March, 2008.[22][23]


On November 16, 2007, Moore was one of twelve recipients of the Women in Government Presidential Leadership Award for her efforts to promote cervical cancer prevention.[13]



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