Skills Canada

Skills Canada

Skills Canada (French: Compétences Canada) is an Olympic-style competition which actively promotes careers in the technology and trades fields. Competitors are of high-school or post-secondary ages.The purpose of Skills Canada is to open the eyes of young people to the world of skilled trades. Canada is experiencing a shortage of skilled labourers, and Skills Canada hopes to fill in that gap. The baby boom generation has reached retirement age and the country is having difficulty retaining workers, adding to the shortage. Competitions are held at the provincial and territorial levels, with the best competitors from each province reaching the national event. Biannually, the top competitors in the country are invited to the World Skills competition.

Competition areas

Areas of competition are divided into six sectors, these sectors and competitions are:

Construction Sector

*Electrical Wiring
*Architectural Technology & Design
*Brick Masonry
*Cabinet making
*Automation & Control
*Landscape gardening
*Sheet metal work

Employment Sector

*Job interview
*Job skill demonstration
*Prepared Speech
*Workplace safety

IT Sector

*2D & 3D Computer Animation
*Graphic Design
* Web Site Development
*IT & Network Support
*IT Office Software Applications
*TV & Video production

Manufacturing Sector

*CNC machining
*Industrial mechanics millwright
*Mechanical Computer-aided design
*Precision Machining

ervices Sector


Transportation Sector

*Aircraft maintenance
*Automotive repair
*Heavy equipment service
*Outdoor power and recreation equipment


Canada is set to host the world in 2009, when Calgary is home to World Skills.To date, fourteen national competitions have been held, with the next being held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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