Grey Ghost Streamer

Grey Ghost Streamer

The Grey Ghost Streamer is an artificial fly, of the streamer type. It is primarily meant to imitate smelt. The pattern is wide spread and is popular in the Northeast of the United States. The Grey Ghost is used by trolling or drifting the fly. A Dead Drift technique may be used as well. The streamer's wing gives it a swimming action while trolling or using the Dead Drift techinque. Many variations of the streamer occur to probably cut down on cost and tying time. cite book
title=The Complete Book of Trout Flyfishing
publisher=Chartwell Books

Here is one pattern:: Tag- flat silver tinsel: Body- orange floss:: Ribbing- flat silver tinsel: Belly Wing- white bucktail, golden pheasant crest, peacock herl:: Wing- olive-grey saddle hackle, golden pheasant crest: Shoulder- white and black striped body feather from silver pheasant:: Cheeks- jungle cock

The streamer was first tied in 1924 by Carrie G. Stevens of Madison, Maine. Mrs. Stevens was the wife of a Maine Guide Wallace Stevens. She tied many other flies in a style known as the Rangeley Style in her free time. Most of her streamers have the jungle cock cheeks in common. The streamer is regarded as one of her best creations. The pattern is mostly used for trout, of which it is successfully fished. When Mrs. Stevens went to the Upper Dam pool to test it out, she quickly hooked a 6 pound 13 ounce brook trout, of which she promptly placed it in a Field & Stream competition and took second prize. After that day, she was now heavily in the fly tying business and had made fly fishing history.


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