Robodeath is a sci-fi comic created by Azurek Studios. It has been a Zuda Comics competitor during the month of May 2008.


*Created by Azurek Studios Italy 2008, 60 Zuda panels, color
*Illustrations Stefano Cardoselli
*Script Marco Della Verde
*Color Bill Key
*Lettering Azurek Studios
*Supervision Rita Gorgoni
*English Consultant Andrea Neill


The Realm of Death has been destroyed, and the Earth has been invaded by zombies. Sheldon and his team of survivors had been attacked by an army of living dead. Blue Leaf, a shaman girl, could save them. But she doesn’t want to…


At the peak of the Second Cold War, the USA launch a Dimensional Bomb which kills 90% of the Euro-Asiatic population, and causes the collapse of USA. But the most negative consequence of this disaster is the destruction of the Earth's twin dimension, the Realm of Death. The screaming souls of all who once inhabited the Realm of Death invade the Earth, taking possession of the dead bodies and bringing destruction to the living. The leader of this huge army of zombies is the God of the Void, Lord of the Realm of Death, who wants to conquer the Earth to re-build his reign.

In 2048 humans are living under siege. Only a few of them have the courage to cross the border and go forward into the lands of the Living Dead. Sheldon and his team of survivors are looking for food when they get lost. Waiting for them is the 4th Division of the USA Army. Dead. Resurrected. Fully armed. Only Blue Leaf can save them. She is a Shaman-Girl whose duty it was to guide the departed to the Realm of the Death, before its destruction. Her ancient knowledge could bring back peace to the world, but first she must face her hate for the same humanity that has provoked so many disasters. A hard task, but the Great Spirit, the Entity who has always watched over planet Earth, talks to her. And Sheldon will be at her side.

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