Beatrice of Sicily

Beatrice of Sicily

Beatrice of Sicily (1252 - 1275) was the Empress consort of Philip of Courtenay, titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople.


She was a daughter of Charles I of Sicily and Beatrice of Provence. She was also an older sister of Charles II of Naples.

Their paternal grandparents were Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile. Their maternal grandparents were Raymond Berenguer IV of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy.


Under the Treaty of Viterbo (27 May, 1267), Baldwin II of Courtenay transferred much of the rights to the Latin Empire to Charles I. [John V.A. Fine, Jr., "The Late Medieval Balkans" (1987), page 170] Charles was to be confirmed in possession of Corfu and some cities in Albania. He was also given suzerainty over the Principality of Achaea and sovereignty of the Aegean Islands, excepting those held by Venice and Lesbos, Chios, Samos, and Amorgos.

The same treaty arranged the marriage of Philip of Courtenay, heir apparent to the Latin Empire, and Beatrice, second daughter of Charles. If the marriage was childless, Philip's rights would be inherited by Charles I. [John V.A. Fine, Jr., "The Late Medieval Balkans" (1987), page 170] Beatrice was approximately fifteen-years-old at the time of her betrothal.

On 15 October, 1273, Beatrice and Philip were married in Foggia. The bride was twenty-one-years old and the groom thirty. Her father-in-law died days later. Philip was proclaimed emperor with Beatrice as his Empress. Their only known daughter, Catherine I of Courtenay, was born in 1274.

Beatrice died in 1275. Her husband survived her by eight years but never remarried.

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