Theodore Paraskevakos

Theodore Paraskevakos


, representing the world’s first prototypes of caller identification devices. They were installed at Peoples’ Telephone Company in Leesburg, Alabama and in Athens, Greece where they were demonstrated to several telephone companies with great success.

Paraskevakos holds over 60 patents worldwide including, but not limited to, the first digital alarm communication system, [U.S. Patent #3,842,208/10-15-1974 ("Sensor Monitoring Device")] remote sensor and meter reading, [U.S. Patents #4,241,237/12-23-1980 and #4,455,453/1-19-1984 ("Apparatus and Method for Remote Sensor Monitoring, Metering and Control")] digital vending machine communications, [U.S. Patent #4,858,743/8-22-1989 ("Vending Machine and Method for Automatic Vending and Returning of Merchandise, Particularly Videocassette Tapes")] archery, [U.S. Patents #4,623,145/11-18-1986 and #4,708,341/11-24-1987 ("Archery/Practice Device and Attachments Therefor")] vertical parking, and intelligent currency validation network. [U.S. Patent #7,006,664/2-28-2006 ("Intelligent Currency Validation Network")] He founded, among other companies, Metretek, Inc. [] , DataVend, Inc. and Intelligent Currency Validation Network, Inc. [] .


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