Shan (disambiguation)

Shan (disambiguation)

Shan could refer to a few different meanings:

* The Shan are a Southeast Asian ethnic group inhabiting Myanmar
* Shan (掸), another name of the Dai (傣), an ethnic group in China
* Shan (陕), an abbreviation for the Shaanxi province of the People's Republic of China
* The Shan, or Insect from Shaggai, a fictional alien race in the writings of Ramsey Campbell
* Shan (surname), or 单 in Chinese, a Chinese surname
* Shan (单), or Shan county, also refers a county in Shandong province of PRC
* Shan (汕), or Shantou (汕头), a city in Guangdong province of PRC
* Shan (剡), river name in Zhejiang Province of PRC
* Shan (鄯), name for a region in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
* Shan (鄯), also refers to the name of ancient Western Regions (西域)
* Darren Shan, a children's author

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