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TTX Company

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TTX Company is company that owns a large fleet of Freight cars and provides them to stockholding railroads. It also provides freightcar management services (information and accounting). TTX is the largest railcar provider in the United States.citenews|title=Hot News!|date=2008|url=|author=TTX|publisher= [ Railpace Newsmagazine] |accessdate=2008-03-08]


In November of 1954, the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) entered into an agreement with the Rail-Trailer Company to handle trailers owned by trucking companies in addition to those owned by the railroads. This marked a radical departure from the conventional Trailer on Flat Car (TOFC) service of the time which was restricted to railroad owned trailers.

In February of 1955, the PRR began “TrucTrain” service. This consisted of 200 new 75 foot flatcars designed to carry pairs of trailers between New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. By March, 1955 the TrucTrains had become completely separate trains of flat cars carrying common motor carrier trailers. In November of that year, the Norfolk and Western Railway (N&W), which was partially owned by the PRR, began exchanging TOFC shipments with the PRR, marking the first interline movement arrangement of this type.

In December 1955, the PRR and Rail-Trailer Co. announced the formation of Trailer Train Company. The Trailer Train Company elected James P. Newell, vice-president of the PRR, as president and Eugene F. Ryan, president of Rail-Trailer Company, was elected vice-president and general manager. The company was owned 25% by the PRR, 25% by Rail-Trailer, with the remaining 50% interest for sale to other railroads. Trailer Train purchased the PRR’s fleet of TOFC flat cars as well as cars from Van Car Company, which was a subsidiary of Rail-Trailer Company. The cars were operated by Trailer Train in a pool, to provide national TOFC service. The Missouri Pacific Railroad, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway joined the PRR and Norfolk & Western within 6 months and the Boston and Maine Railroad, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad and the Wabash Railroad joined shortly thereafter. By 1958, the Trailer Train Company claimed that it carried 40% of the national total of piggyback freight.

The company officially changed its name to TTX on July 1, 1991.


The TTX fleet consists of over 200,000 flatcars, double-stack cars, autoracks, boxcars, and gondolas. TTX owns a large number of AAR reporting marks, reflecting the wide variety of cars that it owns.


The following companies own stock in TTX.
*Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.
*Boston and Maine Railroad
*Canadian National Railway
*Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.
*CSX Corporation
*Florida East Coast Railway
*Kansas City Southern Railway
*Norfolk Southern Corp.
*Union Pacific Railroad


2008.] Between 1991 and 2008, the company used a yellow and black logo.

In March 2008, the company released a new logo, colored Tuscan red in honor of the founding PRR. The logo also contains the company's new slogan.citenews|title=Hot News!|date=2008|url=|author=TTX|publisher= [ Railpace Newsmagazine] |accessdate=2008-03-08]


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