Stay Together for the Kids

Stay Together for the Kids

Infobox Single
Name = Stay Together for the Kids

Artist = Blink-182
from Album = Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Released = February 19, 2002
Format = CD
Recorded = July 7, 2001
Genre = Alternative rock, punk rock
Length = 3:50
Label = Universal International
Producer = Jerry Finn
Chart position =
* #7 (US Modern Rock)
* #117 (UK)
Last single = "First Date"
This single = "Stay Together for the Kids"
Next single = "I Won't Be Home for Christmas"

"Stay Together for the Kids" is the third single from pop punk band Blink-182's record "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket". Although Mark Hoppus sings the song's two verses, Tom DeLonge, who sings the choruses, wrote this song about his parents' divorce during his teen years.

The bridge of the song "Ben Wah Balls" on the "Cheshire Cat" album contains a riff very similar to the intro of "Stay Together for the Kids", possibly an early incarnation of the riff.


opted to re-shoot the video, as they felt the images of the house coming down were too similar to the images of the attacks in New York. The original version of the video is only available on a few of the band's DVD releases, as well as on [ YouTube] .

They re-shot the video several weeks later, with a similar theme although this time the house used wasn't on the verge of falling down (intense winds instead swept through the band's performance during the song's chorus), and didn't come down during the video though they used the same extras in both versions of the videos. The original version of the video is only available on a few of the band's DVD releases. The scene where the house is hit by the wrecking ball can be also seen in the video for "Not Now".

Track listing

#"Stay Together for the Kids" - 4:01
#"The Rock Show" (Live) - 3:07
#"Anthem Part Two" (Live) - 3:45
#"First Date" (Live) - 3:28
#"Carousel" (Live) - 2:55
*All live tracks recorded at The Tweeter Centre, Chicago on June 6, 2001.

Enhanced Material
*Video: "First Date"
*Video: "Stay Together for the Kids"

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* [ Watch "Stay Together for the Kids": Original Version on Youtube]

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