DCI may be an abbreviation for:



  • D-chiro-inositol, an isomer of inositol
  • Data, Context, and Interaction, an architectural pattern in computer software development
  • Direct Count & Intersect, an algorithm for discovering frequent sets in large databases [1]
  • Digitally Controlled Impedance, Impedance control function in FPGA.
  • Display Control Interface, a standard developed by Microsoft and Intel using code from San Francisco Canyon Company for device drivers that control computer graphics cards
  • Distributed Computing Infrastructure, a term used in Grid computing referring to the combination of distributed computer resources
  • Ductile cast iron, another name of Ductile iron,a more flexible type of cast iron
  • Dynamic Content Identification, a Technology that was invented by Clepsta Technologies for SafeLook application, a parental content filtering.


  • Défense Conseil International, a French company that provides technical assistance to customers of the French arms industry
  • Digital Cinema Initiatives, a joint venture between the major Hollywood studios to establish a specification for a standard digital cinema architecture
  • Dredging Corporation of India Limited, an Indian public sector company
  • Discovery Communications, an American global media and entertainment company
  • Dynamic Cassette International, a Boston, Lincolnshire, UK company that produces products under the Jet Tec brand name
  • DCI Cheese Company
  • DCI, Inc., formerly known as Dairy Craft, an American firm specializing in stainless steel tank fabrication for pharmaceutical, food production, and chemical storage businesses.


  • DCI (Wizards of the Coast) (formerly known as Duelists' Convocation International), the organization that sanctions official tournaments of Wizards of the Coast games, most notably Magic: The Gathering
  • Defence for Children International, an independent non-governmental organisation that operates globally to promote and protect children’s rights
  • Dental Council of India, an organisation which regulates dental education in India
  • Dialysis Clinic, Inc, a nonprofit medical organization headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Drum Corps International, the nonprofit organization governing modern junior drum and bugle corps
  • DCI Global Partnerships, the community and work associated with DCI Trust—a UK charity committed to mobilising Christian leaders, providing micro-loans for the economically poor, networking a global Christian constituency and giving to bless the poor of the earth.



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