Aba (family)

Aba (family)

Aba is the name of a "Genus Aba" (Clan Aba) in the Kingdom of Hungary. Their ancestors may have been among the tribal leaders of the Kabars (three nomadic tribes that joined the tribal federation of the Magyars in the 9th century). The "Gesta Hungarorum" ("The Deeds of the Hungarians") mentions that Ede and Edemen, the Abas' ancestors received land possession around the Mátra Mountains, especially in Gyöngyöspata - Heves County, after the conquest of the Carpathian Basin by the Magyars (around 895). The "Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum" ("The Deeds of the Huns and the Hungarians") connects the family to Attila the Hun.

Samuel Aba was the most prominent member of the family who became King of Hungary (1041-1044). His name may indicate that the family followed Judaism before the 11th century. The "gens" may have been named after him. Amade Aba is another prominent descendant of the family; he held several castles and possessions on the northern and north-eastern parts of the kingdom in the first decade of the 14th century.

The "gens" divided into several families in the course of the centuries.

Today there are nineteen noble families that directly descend from the Royal House of Aba, and belong to Clan Aba - “Genus Aba”. They are: Athinai, Báthory, Báthory de Gagy, Berthóty, Budaméry, Csirke, Csobánka, Frichi, Gagyi, Hedry, Keczer, Kompolthi, Laczkffy de Nádasd, Lapispataky, Rhédey, Sirokay, Somosy de Somos, Vendéghy and Vitéz.


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