Caledonia (disambiguation)

Caledonia (disambiguation)

Caledonia is an old name for northern Great Britain.

Caledonia may also refer to:

* Caledonia, a Roman name of Celtic origin for most of the area that has become Scotland
* Caledonians, also known as "Caledonii" or Caledonia Confederacy, name given by historians to the Iron Age indigenous people of Scotland

In Canada

*Caledonia, Ontario, several communities in Ontario, Canada
*Caledonia, Nova Scotia, village in Canada
*New Caledonia (Canada), former North American fur-trading district

In the United States of America

*Caledonia, Illinois, village
*Caledonia, Michigan, village
*Caledonia, Minnesota, city
*Caledonia, Mississippi, town
*Caledonia, Missouri, village
*Caledonia (village), New York
*Caledonia (town), New York
*Caledonia, Ohio, village
*Caledonia, Wisconsin, multiple locations
*Caledonia, Columbia County, Wisconsin, town
*Caledonia, Racine County, Wisconsin, village
*Caledonia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, town
*Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, town
*Caledonia Township, Michigan, multiple locations
*Caledonia Township, Minnesota
*Caledonia County, Vermont
*Caledonia State Park, Pennsylvania

Other geographical locations

*New Caledonia, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean that is an overseas territory of France
*Caledonian Forest, former woodland forest in the Highlands of Scotland
*Caledonian Ocean, archaic name for the north Atlantic Ocean
*Caledonian Canal, a canal in Scotland connects the east and west coasts


*"Caledonia" (song), a Scottish folk ballad that dates back to 1904, or a modern Scottish folk ballad by Dougie MacLean
*"Caledonia", MacLean's song covered by Amy MacDonald on her album "This Is the Life"
*"Caledonia", an album by Suidakra
*The Caledonia Soul Orchestra, Van Morrison's band in 1973, that featured on the 1974 double live album "It's Too Late to Stop Now"


*British Caledonian, airline
*"The Caledonia" (brig), 1843
*Caledonian Airways, Scottish airline formed in 1961
*Caledonian MacBrayne, ferry operator in Scotland
*Caledonian Railway, early 19th century Scottish railway
*Caledonian Railway (Brechin), private company by steam railway enthusiasts
*Caledonian Sleeper, train service operated by ScotRail
*Caledonian Star (built in 1966), former name of the "National Geographic Endeavour" expedition ship
*The Caledonia (paddle steamer), early 19th century steam vessel


*Glasgow Caledonian University
*Caledonia Junior High School (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
*College of New Caledonia, college in British Columbia


*Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C., Scottish soccer team
*North Caledonian Football League, amateur league in the Scottish highlands
*Royal Caledonian Curling Club, governing body of curling in Scotland
*Caledonian Stadium in Inverness, Scotland
*Caledonian Roughriders, also known as the GCU Roughriders, American football league in Scotland

Other uses

* Tennent Caledonian Breweries, owner of Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow
*Caledonian Brewery, formed in 1869 in Edinburgh
*Caledonian orogeny, a mountain building event that occurred during the Palaeozoic Era
*Caledonia (typeface), the second-most commonly used typeface in books, after Times New Roman

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