Shango (disambiguation)

Shango (disambiguation)

Shango or Chango or Changó or Xangô may refer to:

*Shango. a Yoruba god
*The Shango spider, of the genus Dictynidae
*"Shango" (Juno Reactor album)
*Shango (rock group), a 1960s rock group
*"Shango" (album), a 1982 album by Santana
* King Shango is an alternate name for reggae entertainer Capleton
* "Shango" is a song on Angélique Kidjo's album "Fifa"
* Shango is a character in the graphic novel series "The Hand of the Morningstar" from Zondervan.
* In 2006, distributors WyattZier, LLC launched a rum brand named [ Shango]
* "Shango Electric" is the title of a song on David Rudder's "International Chantuelle" album.
* "Canto de Xangô" is the title of a song by Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell
* King Changó is the name of a Latin ska band based in New York
* Changó is a song by Devo on their album ""
* Shango makes a cameo in the 2005 movie "Checking Out"
* Xangoman is the name of a Venezuelan singjay/producer based in Berlin and Tübingen, Germany
* Shango makes an appearance in the role-playing game Scion
* Pro-wrestler Charles Wright wrestled as Papa Shango
* Salsa composer, Willy Chirino, has a song named "Mister Don't Touch the Banana" recounting the tale of an American tourist at a festival commemorating Changó.
* Papá Changó, an Ecuadorian Latin reggae music group
* "Canto Para Elewa y Chango", a song by Orishas on their album "A Lo Cubano"

ee also

*Shanga, an archaeological site in Kenya

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