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title = Sangam-dong

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hangul = 상암동
hanja = linktext|上|岩|洞
rr = Sang am dong
mr = Sang am dong
area_km2 = 8.38
pop = 19535
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popyear = 2008
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Sangam-dong is a legal "dong", neighbourhood of the Mapo-gu district in Seoul, South Korea.cite web |url= |title=상암동 (Sangam-dong 上岩洞)|publisher=Doosan Encyclopedia |accessdate=2008-05-11 |language=Korean|] cite web|url= |publisher=Mapo-gu official site |title= The origin of the dong' name (Sangam-dong 상암동)|accessdate=2008-05-11 |language=Korean|] cite web|url= |publisher=Mapo-gu official site |title= Status quo and features|accessdate=2008-05-11 |language=Korean|]


*Nanjido (난지도 蘭芝島)
*Worldcup Park (월드컵공원)
**Millennium Park (밀레니엄공원)
**Sky Park (하늘공원)
**Pyeonghwa Park (평화공원 平和公園)
**Noeul Park (노을공원)
**Nanjicheon Park (난지천공원)
**Hangang Citizens' Nanji Park (한강시민난지공원)

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*cite web|url= |title=Chronicle of Beopjeong-dong and Haengjeong-dong |publisher=Guro-gu Official website|language=Korean |
*cite web|url= |title=Mapo Information |work=The chart of legal dong assigned by administrative dong (행정동별 관할 법정동 일람표) |publisher=Mapo-gu Official website|language=Korean |

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