Varlam Gelovani

Varlam Gelovani

Prince Varlam Gelovani ( _ka. ვარლამ გელოვანი; _ru. Варлам Леванович Геловани) (1878-1915) was a Georgian lawyer and politician in the Russian Empire.

Born of the noble house of Gelovani, he graduated from the Petersburg University in 1901 and briefly practiced law in St. Petersburg. He later joined the Georgian Social Federalist Party and was elected, in 1905, to the Russian Fourth Duma for the Kutais Governorate (western Georgia). During World War I, Gelovani led a Red Cross detachment of the Duma members to the Caucasian Front where he died of typhus. [Stephen F. Jones (2005), "Socialism in Georgian Colors: The European Road to Social Democracy, 1883-1917", p. 225. Harvard University Press, ISBN 0674019024.] [Richard Abraham (1990), "Alexander Kerensky: The First Love of the Revolution", p. 162. Columbia University Press, ISBN 0231061099.]


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