Architect (disambiguation)

Architect (disambiguation)

Architect may refer to one of the following.
*Architect, a degree or job title of professionals who practice the various forms of architecture
*Architect (The Matrix), a character in the latter two "Matrix" films
*Systems architect, a systems engineer responsible for the architecture of a large hardware/software system project
*Architect (Role Variant), the name for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type INTP
*Architect (band), an American hardcore band
*Architects (American band), an American rock band from Kansas City, Missouri
*Architects (British band), A technical metalcore band from Brighton, UK
*The Architect (film), a 2006 film in which architect Leo Waters (Anthony LaPaglia) is confronted by angry residents of a housing complex that he designed

ee also

* "xxx" architect, where "xxx" is the name of any reasonably complex human endeavor, e.g., computer or software or hardware.
*Architecture (disambiguation)

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