Simona Poustilnik

Simona Poustilnik

Simona Poustilnik (born 1961) is a Russian biologist and philosopher, historian of science, also science journalist. Major research in the area of Bogdanov's Tectology, especially biological aspects, discusses Darwin's influence on Bogdanov's thought. Bogdanov's Tectology was a precursor of Systems theory. Research in history of Russian cosmism. She lives in London, UK.


*Pustylnik, S.N.: 'Biological Ideas of B.'s Tektology' presented at the Int'l Conf.: Origins of Organization Theory in Russia & the SU,: [Univ. of East Anglia (Norwich) Jan. 8-11 1995]
*Dudley, P.. Pustylnik, S.N.: 'Reading the Tektology' [ibid. 1995]

Tectology research

In her dissertation, Simona Poustilnik discusses similarity between Darwin's principle of selection and Bogdanov's principle of assemblage. Also, she shows connection of tectology to Kropotkin's theory of mutual cooperation.

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