Shool (film)

Shool (film)

Infobox Film
name = Shool

director = E. Nivas
producer = Nitin Manmohan
Ram Gopal Varma
writer = story and screenplay
E. Nivas
Ram Gopal Varma
Anurag Kashyap
starring = Manoj Bajpai
Sayaji Shinde
Raveena Tandon
music = soundtrack
background score
Sandeep Chowta
cinematography = Hari Nair
editing = Bhanodaya
released = 1999
runtime = 135 min
country =
language = Hindi
imdb_id = 0220757

"Shool" is a 1999 film by director E. Nivas which portrays the politician-criminal nexus and the criminalization of politics in the state of Bihar, and its effect on the life of an honest police officer. The film starred Manoj Bajpai as Inspector Samar Pratap Singh and Sayaji Shinde as the borderline psychopath criminal-politician Bachhu Yadav. The film has won three awards.


Inspector Samar Pratap Singh (Bajpai) gets transferred to Motihari district (Bihar), which is ruled by local politician and criminal Bachhu Yadav (Shinde) and his henchmen. Singh is an idealist who respects the constitution and the law, and expects that everyone else should do the same. But no one follows the law in Motihari, including the policemen who receive weekly payments from Yadav to do his bidding.

One day, the District Superintendent of Police (Shrivallabh Vyas) asks Singh to go and break up a fight between two rival gangs, and arrest the people who attacked some of Yadav's men. Singh investigates and finds that Yadav's men were the real culprits, and so arrests them instead. When the DSP orders him to release them, he refuses to do so. But the court releases them because the men who were beat up are not willing to testify.

Things begin deteriorating and Singh soon finds himself alone in his fight against a corrupt and rotten system. He does not give up, even when he gets suspended under false charges of assaulting the DSP. But things change after his daughter dies when he took on some of Yadav's men who passed lewd comments on his wife and daughter. Yadav kills one of his men and puts the blame on Singh. And the police arrest Singh while he is still grieving over his daughter's dead body. Singh's parents come to help him, and his father (Virendra Saxena) goes and pleads with Yadav to get him released. When Singh realizes that Yadav was behind his release, he insults Yadav.

A few days later, Singh's parents leave, and he has a big fight with his wife (Raveena Tandon) over their situation and her accusation that his idealism was to blame. He leaves in anger, and his wife consumes poison. His only friend in town, Tiwari (Vineet Kumar), informs him about it and both rush to the hospital. Singh manages to speak a couple of sentences with her before she dies.

Singh now loses it. He goes home, wears his uniform, visits the police station and steals a pistol. He then fights his way into the state legislature which is in session, enters the well of the house, finds Yadav and drags him to the Speaker's dais. After an emotional appeal to members of parliament on the leadership crisis and criminalization of politics that was rotting the entire system, he shoots and kills Yadav.


* Manoj Bajpai as Samar Pratap Singh
* Raveena Tandon as Manjari Singh
* Sayaji Shinde as Bachhu Yadav
* Vineet Kumar as Tiwari
* Ganesh Yadav as Hussain
* Virendra Saxena as Prabal Pratap Singh
* Nandu Madhav as Laljee
* Sandeep Kulkarni as Gopaljee
* Nagesh Bhosle as Sudhir Vinod
* Yashpal Sharma as Lallan Singh
* Shri Vallabh Vyas as D.S.P


* National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi, 2000. [ [ Vanaprastham is best film, Sarfarosh is most popular] ]
* Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance, 2000 - Manoj Bajpai.
* Star Screen Award for Best Villain, 2000 - Sayaji Shinde.


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