Beardstown Community Unit School District 15

Beardstown Community Unit School District 15

Beardstown Community Unit School District 15 is a unified school district located in the Cass County, Illinois city of its namesake: Beardstown. While the grand majority of the students in the district are white, almost 35% of the ethnicity of the Beardstown Community Unit School District 15 is Hispanic. [ [ Ethnicity Pie Graph] , retrieved 2008-5-9] This is also evident in the bilingual text of the school district's website [ [ Beardstown CUSD 15 Main Page / Inicio] , retrieved 2008-5-9] There are four schools located within this district. Grand Avenue School serves the district's preschoolers; Brick Elementary School coaches students in grades between first and fourth; Gard Elementary School, serves a broader range of students than Brick, including grades K-5; lastly, Beardstown Middle/High School, alternatively known as Beardstown Junior Senior High School [ [ Beardstown Junior Senior High School Information] , retrieved 2008-5-9] , serves grades 6-12. The superintendent as of May 2008 is Robert Bagby. [ [ Superintendent's Page, Beardstown CUSD 15] , retrieved 2008-5-9] The principals of each of the respective schools are Terri Olsen of Grand Avenue School; [ [ Grand Avenue School Newsletter: Notes from Terri Olsen] , retrieved 2008-5-9] Cheryl Summers of Gard Elementary School; [ [ Page of Principal Summers: Gard Elementary School] , "Page Incomplete", retrieved 2008-5-9] , and a principal named Fitzgerald who governs over Beardstown Middle/High School. [ [ From the Desk of Ms. Fitzgerald: Beardstown Middle/High School] , "Page Incomplete", retrieved 2008-5-9] Superintendent Bagby also serves as principal of Brick Elementary School. [ [ Principal-Director Page: Brick Elementary School] , retrieved 2008-5-9] The mascot of all schools in the district is the tiger.

The middle/high school of the district runs numerous athletics programs that differ based on the season. For example; football, golf, cheerleading, and cross country all meet in the fall; [ [ Beardstown Middle/High Fall Sports] , retrieved 2008-5-9] Basketball, wrestling, and volleyball meet in the winter; [ [ Beardstown Middle/High Winter Sports] , retrieved 2008-5-9] lastly: baseball, track, and softball meet in the spring. [ [ Beardstown Middle/High Spring Sports] , retrieved 2008-5-9] Beardstown Middle/High School has a school anthem sung to the University of Notre Dame's "Victory March" song. [ [ Beardstown Middle/High School: BHS School Song] , retrieved 2008-5-9]

Recently, the school district was placed on lockdown due to the presence of a dangerous criminal. No one was hurt, with the exception of a woman who was assaulted and wounded. [ [ Manhunt Locks Down Beardstown School District] , May 2, 2008] ]

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