Yemeni British

Yemeni British

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poptime = 30,000 - 40,000 [ [ Yemenis In Britain (YIB): About Us ] ]
0.06% of the UK's population
popplace = South Shields, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Liverpool
langs = British English, Arabic
rels = Predominantly Muslim, some Jewish adherents

The term Yemeni British refers to citizens and non-citizen immigrants in the United Kingdom of Yemeni ancestry. The Yemeni British community is one of the oldest Arab communities in the Western World, with the first immigrants arriving in the country from Yemen in the 1860. Most Yemeni British people originate in the regions of Aden, al-Shu`aib, Dhal`, Hadhramawt, Sana’a, Shamir, Taiz, and Yafi`. The 2001 UK Census recorded 12,508 Yemeni born people in the UK, and by most recent estimates (including British born people of Yemeni descent), the Yemeni British community numbers around 30,000 to 40,000 people, and is larger than the Yemeni American community. [ [ Yemenis In Britain (YIB): About Us ] ] Yemeni migration to the UK has occurred for centuries and includes a wide range of people for a wide range of reasons. Some move as political exiles, some to find work (originally in the shipping and coal industries), and more recently: students. Yemenis are present across the entire UK, however cities with large populations are South Shields (1,000 - 3,000 Yemenis - around 2% of towns population), Sheffield (3,500 Yemenis), [ [ Yemenis in spotlight - Sheffield Telegraph ] ] Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Swansea and Liverpool which are all noted for their significant Yemeni communities. [ [ Arabs in Exile: Yemeni Migrants in Urban Britain: The Guardian, 8 Dec 92 ] ] The UK is a popular destination for Yemeni expatriates due to the close historical links between the two countries (the southern part of Yemen - formerly Aden - once being under British rule), and the fact that the English language is growing increasingly popular in Yemen.

Notable Yemeni Britons

*Naseem Hamed, Boxer
*Norman Hassan, Singer UB40

ee also

* British Arabs/ Arab Britons
* Demographics of Yemen
* The Yemeni Community of South Shields

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