In G Major

In G Major

"In G Major" is a ballet made for New York City Ballet's Ravel Festival by balletmaster Jerome Robbins to the composer's "Piano Concerto in G Major" (1928-31). The premiere took place May 15, 1975, at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, with lighting by Mark Stanley. The Paris Opera Ballet commissioned scenery and costumes by Erté when it staged Robbins' ballet under the name "En Sol", decor which has subsequently been borrowed by City Ballet. Ravel composed the concerto after travelling in the United States and is reported to have described the work as "... written in very much the same spirit as those of Mozart and Saint-Saëns," and said that "it uses certain effects borrowed from jazz, but only in moderation." [(Arbie Orenstein, Ravel: Man and Musician.)]



*Suzanne Farrell
*Peter Martins

Jeromes Robbins celebration Spring 2008

Jerome Robbins festival

*Wendy Whelan
*Philip Neal



*"Playbill", New York City Ballet, Thursday, May 15, 2008

*"Repertory Week", New York City Ballet, Spring Season, 2008 repertory, week 3

External links

* [ The Jerome Robbins Foundation and Trust website]

* [ NYCB website]

* [ NY Times review by Clive Barnes, May 16, 1975]

* [ NY Times article by Deirdre Carmody, May 16, 1975]

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