Adler's Appetite

Adler's Appetite
Adler's Appetite
Also known as Suki Jones
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Heavy metal[1]
Years active 2003 (2003)–2006, 2007–present
Labels Shrapnel
Associated acts Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit, Faster Pussycat, Ratt, Love/Hate, Enuff Z'nuff, L.A. Guns, Beautiful Creatures, Pretty Boy Floyd
Steven Adler
Michael Thomas
Patrick Stone
Lonnie Paul
Past members
See List of former band members

Adler's Appetite, previously Suki Jones, is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2003. As of 2011, the lineup consists of Patrick Stone (lead vocals), Michael Thomas (guitar), Lonnie Paul (guitar), Chip Z'nuff (bass) and Steven Adler (drums, percussion). Along with original material, the band perform covers of Adler's former band Guns N' Roses, primarily songs from the album Appetite for Destruction.

Former Slash's Snakepit guitarist Keri Kelli first formed the band in 2003, with the original lineup consisting of Adler, Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat, former Ratt bassist Robbie Crane as well as then-Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl, also formerly of Love/Hate. The band toured the US and Europe, with a number of musicians filling in for band members due to other commitments. Following the departure of Muscat in 2004, they recorded and released the Adler's Appetite EP in January 2005. The same year, Adler announced a new lineup of the band, adding singer Sheldon Tarsha, Enuff Z'nuff bassist Chip Z'nuff, former Beautiful Creatures and Tuff guitarist Michael Thomas as well as Izzy Stradlin guitarist JT Longoria in place of Pearl, Crane and Kelli.

Adler's Appetite toured before briefly going on hiatus in 2006. They returned in 2007, with Hollywood Roses singer Colby Veil replacing Tarsha, and Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy Majors replacing Longoria. The following year, Tarsha returned to the band, while Majors was replaced by former Quiet Riot and Beautiful Creatures guitarist Alex Grossi. Tarsha's return would be short-lived, once again departing the band with Ladyjack vocalist Rick Stitch joining in his place. With this lineup, they released new material, for the first time since 2005, releasing the singles "Alive," "Stardog" and "Fading" in 2010. When Quiet Riot reformed the same year, Grossi departed Adler's Appetite in 2011, with Ladyjack guitarist Robo filling in for a European tour. However, following the tour, both Stitch and Robo departed the band, replaced by Aces 'N' Eights singer Patrick Stone as well as guitarist Lonnie Paul.



Early years and formation (2003–2004)

"Steven said that so many people came up to him at the [recent] Suki shows and told him that they had no idea that is was the former Guns N' Roses drummer's new band! Steven wants there to be no question that he is in the band, and while they are playing the Appetite For Destruction material, he believes that Adler's Appetite is more appropriate and less confusing."[2]

—Statement released on name change.

After being fired from Guns N' Roses in 1990,[3] drummer Steven Adler worked on a number of projects, reforming pre-Guns N' Roses band Road Crew,[3] with members of Vain,[4] and briefly joining BulletBoys,[5] before joining a band, in 2003, formed by former Slash's Snakepit guitarist Keri Kelli,[6] which also consisted of Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat, former Ratt bassist Robbie Crane as well as then-Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl, also formerly of Love/Hate.[7] Choosing the name Suki Jones,[8] the band toured the US,[8] making their live debut in Kingman, Arizona in March of the same year.[9] Their sets included songs from the Guns N' Roses albums Appetite for Destruction, G N' R Lies as well as the Live from the Jungle EP[10] and songs by AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Queen.[9][10] For a May tour of the East Coast, Suki Jones enlisted Warrant guitarist Erik Turner to fill in for Muscat, who had prior touring commitments with Faster Pussycat.[11]

The following month, they renamed the band Adler's Appetite, after Adler and the Appetite for Destruction album that they performed material from regularly.[2] The band briefly parted ways with singer Pearl, replaced by Sean Crosby,[12] before he rejoined the band months later.[13] Billed as Suki Jones, Adler's Appetite performed a show at the Key Club in Hollywood where they were joined onstage by Adler's former Guns N' Roses band mates, Slash and Izzy Stradlin, for renditions of "Mr. Brownstone," "Paradise City" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door".[14] A tour of Europe and the US followed from January–February 2004,[13][15] however, a number of the US shows were cancelled, after the promoter failed to pay for transport and the band for the shows they performed.[16][17] Adler's Appetite began writing material for their debut album[18] and signed with Shrapnel Records for its release.[19] A tour of Europe followed from June 25–July 10, preceded by two US shows in May,[20] during which former Beautiful Creatures and Tuff guitarist Michael Thomas filled in for Kelli,[21] who had joined Vince Neil's solo band.[22]

Adler's Appetite EP and lineup changes (2004–2006)

Adler's Appetite began pre-production on their new album in September,[23] with recording of an EP beginning in November.[24] However, prior to recording, guitarist Muscat departed Adler's Appetite.[25] Self-produced, they recorded the album at Dinky Music Recording Studios, in Corona, California, and Vibeville, in Irvine, California.[25] The EP entitled Adler's Appetite featured four original songs[24] and two covers; "Hollywood" by Thin Lizzy and "Draw the Line" by Aerosmith.[25] A cover of Hanoi Rocks song "Obscured" was to be included on the EP[24] but was replaced with the Thin Lizzy cover.[25][26] Adler's Appetite was completed and released, through the bands official website, in January 2005,[26] and was followed by a tour of the US, UK and Europe.[24][26] They were to support Hanoi Rocks for one show in the UK. However, they soon pulled out after Adler made disparaging comments about Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy's wife during an interview.[27] For a number of the headlining shows, guitarist Craig Bedford filled in for Kelli.[28]

For a March tour of Japan, Adler's Appetite enlisted Bang Tango and Beautiful Creatures singer Joe Lesté to fill in for Pearl, who cited personal obligations for his absence.[29] Following the tour, it was announced that they had parted ways with Pearl, though he left on good terms[30][31] with singer Sheldon Tarsha brought in as his replacement.[32] A three-date tour of Argentina followed,[32] with the lineup consisting of Adler, Tarsha, Enuff Z'nuff bassist Chip Z'nuff, former Beautiful Creatures guitarist Michael Thomas and Izzy Stradlin guitarist JT Longoria.[33] A number of US shows preceded the Argentina tour.[32] Along with Brides of Destruction and then-former L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns, Adler's Appetite, with Kelli and Crane, were to tour Asia, in August, under the band name Guns N' Roses Revisited.[34] However, the tour was soon cancelled when they were told, by Axl Rose's lawyers, that they could not use the Guns N' Roses logo.[35] Though Adler's Appetite announced a tour of the US, UK and Europe was, taking place from December 31, 2005–February 11, 2006, as well as plans to release a full-length album the same year,[33] Adler announced that the lineup that toured Argentina would be the new lineup, in place of Kelli, Crane as well as Bedford.[36]

Kelli, Crane and former singer Pearl threatened legal action, stating that none of them quit Adler's Appetite and that the "name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the partnership and its four partners [Kelli, Crane, Pearl and Adler]."[6] They also revealed that no single member could hire or fire another without a majority vote from all four partners.[6] Crane revealed that had Adler dealt with the situation properly, they would have given him the band name and partnership.[37] Several shows into Adler's Appetite European tour, Adler reportedly fired the new lineup, hiring an Italian Guns N' Roses tribute band to replace them, with Z'nuff and Tarsha stating on stage, in Bochum, Germany, that it was Adler's Appetite last show.[38] The lineup, with the exception of Thomas,[39] returned at the Rock the Boat festival, travelling between Oslo, Norway and Fredrikshavn, Denmark, in April,[40] with a tour of the US with Bang Tango and Faster Pussycat following in the summer.[41]

Hiatus and return to touring (2006–2009)

An unreleased song entitled "Sadder Days," featuring original members Kelli and Crane as well as Tarsha on lead vocals, was posted online in April 2007.[42] When Adler's Appetite returned to touring in 2007, Tarsha declined to rejoin,[39] and was later replaced, in July, by Colby Veil of Guns N' Roses cover band Hollywood Roses.[43] Thomas returned to the band while Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy Majors replaced Longoria.[39] They performed at Rocklahoma[39] and proceeded to tour the US from July 28–August 10, the same year.[44] The band played a show at the Key Club in Hollywood on July 28, as part of their tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. During the show, Adler's Appetite were joing onstage by former Guns N' Roses members Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan, with Slash also attending the show.[45][46] During a performance in Mexico City on the tour, Adler fell ill and was treated by paramedics, though he was not hospitalized.[47] A European tour, that was to take place from November 21–December 15,[48][49] was cancelled with Adler citing personal issues.[50]

The following year, Adler's Appetite played the South Texas Rock Festival on July 12.[51] In October of the same year, Adler and Z'nuff formed a supergroup called Guns of Destruction, with L.A. Guns and former Brides of Destruction guitarist Tracii Guns, making their debut on November 19.[52][53] The band was short-lived with Adler's Appetite performing at the Key Club on January 17, 2009,[54] with new guitarist Alex Grossi, formerly of Quiet Riot, Angry Salad and Beautiful Creatuers, joining in place of Majors,[55] while Tarsha rejoined the band in place of Veil.[56] They embarked on their first full US tour[56] that took place from February 21–March 20, 2009.[57]

Lineup changes and new material (2009–present)

Following Adler's Appetite's US tour, Tarsha departed the band, in April, to concentrate on his original band.[58] He was subsequently replaced by Ladyjack singer Rick Stitch,[59] with the band announcing more US shows, taking place from April 17–August 15,[59][60] as well as dates in Brazil and Argentina.[59] From June to July 5, former Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright filled in for Z'nuff.[61] Adler's Appetite also began recording new material in July,[62] with hopes of releasing it by the end of 2009.[62]

Adler's Appetite released their first new material, since 2005, with the single "Alive," released in conjunction with Adler's autobiography, My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N' Roses, on July 29, 2010, with a full version released later in the year.[63] The song was later licensed for use on Speed TV's WindTunnel with Dave Despain.[64] Following a 50 date US tour, they began recording their debut album in November[63] with Cinderella drummer Fred Coury producing.[65] The following month they released two more singles entitled "Stardog" and "Fading",[66] which was followed by a tour of Europe and the UK, during which Ladyjack guitarist Robo filled in for Grossi to rejoin Quiet Riot,[67] taking place from February 10–28.[68][69] During a show in London, Duff McKagan joined the band onstage for renditions of "My Michelle" and "It's So Easy."[70] After the tour, both Stitch and Robo departed Adler's Appetite to focus on Ladyjack.[67] In April, the band announced that Aces 'N' Eights singer Patrick Stone had replaced Stitch, while they also added guitarist Lonny Paul to the lineup[71] while, the following month, Z'nuff announced the band had signed a new record deal, though he could not reveal the label's name.[72] Adler's Appetite began recording new material on September 26, at NRG Recording Studios.[73] However, it was announced two days later that Z'nuff was no longer a member of the band,[74] with Adler citing his forming a new band, with Thomas, Lonnie Johnson and an unnamed singer, as the reasons for his departure.[75]

Band members

  • Patrick Stone – lead vocals (2011–present)
  • Lonnie Paul – guitar (2011–present)
  • Michael Thomas – guitar (2004 (touring), 2005–2006, 2007–present)
  • Steven Adler – drums, percussion (2003–2006, 2007–present)
Former members
  • Keri Kelli – guitar (2003–2005)
  • Jizzy Pearl – lead vocals (2003–2005)
  • Robbie Crane – bass (2003–2005)
  • Brent Muscat – guitar (2003–2004)
  • Sean Crosby – lead vocals (2003)
  • Chip Z'nuff – bass (2005–2006, 2007–2011)
  • Sheldon Tarsha – lead vocals (2005–2006, 2008–2009)
  • JT Longoria – guitar (2005)
  • Colby Veil – lead vocals (2007–2008)
  • Kristy Majors – guitar (2007–2008)
  • Alex Grossi – guitar (2008–2011)
  • Rick Stitch – lead vocals (2009–2011)
Touring musicians
  • Erik Turner – guitar (2003)
  • Joe Lesté – lead vocals (2005)
  • Craig Bedford – guitar (2005)
  • Chuck Wright – bass (2009)
  • Robo – guitar (2011)


  • Adler's Appetite (2005)
  • "Alive" (2010)
  • "Stardog" (2010)
  • "Fading" (2010)


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