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Packet Storm is a non-profit organization comprised of computer security professionals that are dedicated to providing the information necessary to secure computer networks. It publishes new security information on a global network of websites. The organization offers an abundant resource of up-to-date and historical security tools, exploits, and security advisories. It provides network security professionals, researchers, and all other interested individuals with the ability to analyze and learn from the tools, processes and mindsets of their opponents, as well as offering the tools needed to build and test defenses against them.

Packet Storm is firmly committed to archiving and providing the most complete set of security tools and papers available to the technical community at large, irrespective of commercial, political, or any other bias.

The website has had a checkered history. The site came down for the first time in the Summer of 1999, while it was hosted at Harvard University, after Antionline activist John "JP" Vranesevich complained to the school's administration, citing a list of Packet Storm's alleged criminal activities, including death threats directed at himself. Later, Packet Storm was hosted by security outfit Securify, which maintained the site in hopes of one day turning a profit. Since 2001, the site has been de-coupled from Securify and run under the present arrangement.

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