BabyFirstTV is a satellite television network aimed at 0-3 year olds. It is owned 30% by Regency Enterprises. The channel launched in 2006.

In the United States BFTV airs on DirecTV channel 293 and also on Dish Network on an a la carte basis; viewers pay an extra $4.99 per month to see the channel.

In Europe, the channel is available under various satellite networks such as British Sky Broadcasting, CanalSat and Digital+. The European versions of the channel transmit programs dubbed in British English, French, Spanish and Turkish.

In Singapore, the channel is available on SingTel mio TV.


Shows on BFTV are divided into nine zones, each identified by a color and by a learning strategy. The names and programs within each zone are listed below.

Thinking Journey (Yellow)

* Tillie Knock Knock (TV-Y)
* Danny & Daddy (TV-Y)
* Fred & Fiona (TV-Y)
* Wonder Box (TV-Y)
* Baby Maze (TV-Y)
* Brainy Baby (TV-Y)
* Bonnie Bear (TV-Y)
* First Impressions (TV-Y)
* Puzzles (TV-Y)

Language Playground (Red)

* Harry the Bunny (TV-Y)
* BabyFirst Tales (TV-Y)
* I Can Sign! (TV-Y)
* Hide and Seek (TV-Y)
* The Wordies (TV-Y)
* ¡Hola, Bebé! (TV-Y)
* Musti (TV-Y)
* The Yoyo and Peanuts Show (TV-Y)
* Tell Me A Story (TV-Y)
* So Smart! (TV-Y)
* Safari Scrapbook (TV-Y)

Imagination Lane (Pink)

* Mio Mao (or Mio and Mao) (TV-Y)
* Rainbow Horse (TV-Y)
* Shushabye Baby (TV-Y)
* Symfollies (TV-Y)
* Arty Party (TV-Y)
* Clay World (TV-Y)
* Bonny, Banana & Mo (TV-Y)
* Bloop & Loop (TV-Y)
* Little Playdates (TV-Y)
* Petey Paintbrush (or Petey the Paintbrush) (TV-Y)
* Childhood Songs (TV-Y)
* Bobby's Balloon House (TV-Y)
* Picture Pad (TV-Y)

Feelings Garden (Orange)

* Foodie Fables (TV-Y)
* Tec the Tractor (TV-Y)
* Friendly Jack (TV-Y)
* Squeak (TV-Y)
* Swing & Sing (TV-Y)
* Play With Me! (TV-Y)
* Junglies (TV-Y)
* Sali Mali (TV-Y)

Numbers Parade (Blue)

* Numbers Around the Globe (TV-Y)
* Numbers Farm (or The Numbers Farm) (TV-Y)
* Number Time (TV-Y)
* Shapes and Sizes (TV-Y)
* Shape a Majigs (or Shape-a-ma-jigs) (TV-Y)

ensory Wonderland (Green)

* Baby D.I.Y. (TV-Y)
* My Gym at Home (TV-Y)
* Hopla (TV-Y)
* Peek-a-Boo, I See You! (TV-Y)
* Black & White (TV-Y)
* Tik Tak (TV-Y)

Rainbow Dreams (Rainbow Colors)

* Scuba Dots (unrated)
* Sandman (unrated)
* Night Night Lullaby (unrated)
* Pixies (unrated)
* Color Symphony (unrated)
* Safari Scrapbook (unrated)
* Carousel Dreams (unrated)
* Flow (unrated)
* Wave (unrated)
* Kaliedoscope (unrated)
* Mobiles (unrated)

Controversy and response

When BFTV launched, child psychologists and other critics claimed that it was a bad idea. They claim that television images are harmful for babies and toddlers of the age targeted by the network.fact|date=July 2008 In response, network officials point to the support of child development experts in creating the programs that it carries. [] Also, there is a similar concept called BabyTV (see page below) that is on satellite systems and airlines in many countries.

ee also

* BabyTV

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* [ BabyFirstTV]

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