Romanian Cyrillic alphabet

Romanian Cyrillic alphabet

Infobox Writing system
name = Romanian Cyrillic
type = Alphabet
time = 14th–19th centuries
languages = Romanian
fam1=Phoenician alphabet
fam2=Greek alphabet
fam3=Glagolitic alphabet
fam4 = Cyrillic
sisters = Moldovan alphabet
The Romanian Cyrillic alphabet was used to write Romanian language before 1860–1862, when it was officially replaced by a Latin-based alphabet, although Cyrillic remained in occasional use until circa 1920. It is not the same as the Russian-based Moldovan alphabet used in Moldavian ASSR since 1926, and then in the Moldavian SSR between 1940 and 1989.

Between its discarding and the full adoption of the Latin alphabet, a so-called "transitional alphabet", was in place for a few years (it combined Cyrillic and Latin letters, and included some of the Latin letters with diacritics which came to be used in Romanian spelling).

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* Early Cyrillic alphabet
* Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet
* Romanian alphabet


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