Christian Peschken

Christian Peschken
Christian Peschken
Born Christian Peschken
June 9, 1955 (1955-06-09) (age 56)
Flag of Germany.svg Nuembrecht, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Occupation Director, Cameraman, Executive Producer, Producer, Screenwriter
Years active 1974 - present
Spouse Patricia Peschken (26 January 2006 - present)

Christian Peschken (aka Chris Peschken) was born June 9, 1955 in Nuembrecht Germany, grew up in Moers am Rhein. His parents are Cornelius-Johannes Peschken (died 1997) and Renate-Maria Peschken. Peschken is a cameraman, producer, director and screenwriter. He has been in Film / Radio & TV since 1974. Until late 2008 he lived in Pacific Palisades, CA with his wife Patricia. Early 2009 the couple moved to Wisconsin, and lives now in the country side near Milwaukee, close to Lake Michigan.

He is as professional trained Film-Camera Assistant (1974 at German Newsreel / Filmwochenschau 'Blick in die Welt"), and later Film Cameraman, and certified Radio Broadcast Audio Engineer (earned during his service at the 'Bundeswehr' (German Federal Defence Force) at the Army's Radio Station 'Radio 701 Andernach'. [1]


Early career (1974–1988)

Christian Peschken was involved in the German Radio & TV industry from 1974 until 1988. He narrated numerous LIVE Radio Broadcasts for Hessischer Rundfunk and SWF 3 (one of Germany’s leading , state operated Radio Network at the time).

In 1984, when the media laws of the German States changed, he was among the first Television producers that were granted by the AKK (Anstalt für Kabelkommunikation, Ludwigshafen) a license from the government of Rhineland-Palatinate, to broadcast private, commercial television and radio. He then produced and hosted more than 100 episodes of his own weekly TV show “Tonight Special Talkshow” and a daily Radio program. Later he worked for ‘Radio 4 Rosa Welle (a private Radio Network owned by 'Blitz Tip Verlag' Frankfurt)’ as LIVE narrator and commercial author & producer.

Between 1986 and 1988 Mr. Peschken was General Manager of a 35 mm film-commercial development & production company. He photographed, directed, produced, edited (35mm Flatbed Steenbeck, and 16mm).

Hollywood (1989–2005)

In 1989 Mr. Peschken moved from Germany to Hollywood, California and developed a US/German co-funding/co-production structure for moderate budget films.

From 1994 to 1995 Mr. Peschken arranged a co-production / co-financing structure with legendary Producer Roger Corman.[1] He is one of the executive producers of The Spy Within, aka Flight of the Dove[2] starring Scott Glenn, Theresa Russell, Dillinger and Capone[3] starring F. Murray Abraham, Martin Sheen, Captain Nuke & the Bomber Boys,[4] starring Rod Steiger, Martin Sheen, Joanna Pacuła, Joe Piscopo, and Suspect Device[5] starring C. Thomas Howell.

In 1997 Mr. Peschken produced Herzflimmern[6] based on the book by Barbara Wood, US- German Co production, 2x 90 min series for German TV ZDF with Maria Furtwängler, Ursula Buschhorn and Carol Campbell and Assignment Berlin[7] (in Germany "Baby Handel Berlin")', starring Paul Winfield, Cliff Robertson, a co-production with Hallmark Television and Pro 7, Germany. Director was Tony Randel.

In 1998 Mr. Peschken wrote the story and screenplay for Hostile Environment[8](aka Watership Warrior), a US/ Canadian TV Film starring Brigitte Nielsen and Matthias Hues. Director: David A. Prior

From early 1998-1999 Mr. Peschken, as independent consultant, executive producer and risk assessor, was involved in several transaction-proposals under so called "insurance backed loan' structures, involving Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Chase Securities, Royal-Sun Alliance Insurance, for the co-production / co-financing of slates of major motion pictures and their P&A costs. Mr. Peschken was lead negotiator, counseled by major LA attorney firms. He negotiated directly on the VP Business & Legal affairs level with studios such as Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios and MGM.

During 2000 and 2003 Mr. Peschken photographed, produced & directed several documentary style TV programs such as Mercenaries of the Lord (Interviewing Homeless People), a weekly reality tv style program (Studio & Original Locations), aired on ‘The Word Network’, and later a 2x 30 min. format Assignment X (helping homeless people), and City Van a weekly 30 min youth program, for JC-tv [5] (a Trinity Broadcasting Network channel) through his 501 C3 Non Profit Organization Mercenaries of the Lord Ministry Inc.

From 2004-05, Mr. Peschken, as General Manager of Marina Movie Partners Ltd., and CineFilm Media LLC, he was instrumental in completing a Private Placement Offering in Germany, for the co-funding of a slate of Television feature films with Rigel Entertainment. He is one of the executive producers of : Presumed Dead[9] (2006) with Sherilyn Fenn, Double Cross[10] with Bruce Boxleitner, Barbara Niven, Max Havoc: Ring of Fire[11] with Mickey Hardt and Rae Dawn Chong, Razor[12] with C. Thomas Howell, and Heatstroke[13] with Danica McKellar.

Present career (2006–present)

Since 2006 Mr. Peschken is the CEO of Trinity TV, Inc. Los Angeles, a Faith and Family value oriented film & TV production entity.

In 2008, along with US investors, Mr. Peschken’s company Global Faith Television Network, Ltd. London [14] had planned to launch 'Global Faith Television Network', a world wide Family oriented (G-rated) TV Network. All content based on the teachings of the roman Catholic church. Funding for the network fell through.

Mr. Peschken was interviewed by Al Kresta, on "Kresta in the Afternoon" LIVE on Ave Maria Radio about his testimony and TV Network plans.

2009 - current: Mr. Peschken focuses on the development and production of Catholic Faith related, and Human condition related content. He produces, photographes and edits short form (up to 10 minutes) documentaries / mini series that broadcast via EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network)[2] , CATHOLIC TV [3], and TELECARE TV [4] and other Catholic media systems. The clips are also available on Peschken's YOUTUBE site (name: GlobalFaith). In addition Peschken produces documentaries for Non Profit Organizations (such as Homeless Shelter Organizations).

Memberships & Awards

From early 1994 until the end of 1999, Mr. Peschken was member of the Producers Guild of America were he served as 'chairman' of the 'Social Awareness Committee' under president Thom Mount. [5]

For the production of the documentary ‘Assignment X’, a reality TV style program, that helped homeless people to end their homelessness, Peschken received THE COMMUNICATOR AWARD 2002, for outstanding work in the communications field, category 'Reality TV Documentary'

Personal life


According to Peschken he was 'saved' in 2000 through the television ministry of TBN[15] (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior, but did not join any particular demoniation. However at the end of 2006 Peschken while surfing the Christian TV channels, came across a TV program “The Journey Home” hosted by Marcus Grodi [16] on EWTN[17] (Eternal Word Television), the Global catholic television network. This exciting call-in show examines why so many people from Protestants to fallen away Catholics are being drawn into the Catholic Church. They discuss their personal conversion stories and how a specific teaching of the Catholic Church or experience influenced their Decision. This program had such a strong impact on Peschken, that he questioned his Protestant based Faith and started to research the (roman) catholic church, (including the early church fathers and origin of Catholicism, the 'universal' church) in particular through teaching programs on EWTN. Peschken and his wife Patricia decided later that they will join the Catholic Church.

Quotation from Mr. Peschken:

" For me this was not so much a choice but a necessary consequence, based on what I had learned about the origin, the teachings and fullness of the catholic church."

Back in 2004 Peschken planned to launch a Christian Television Network just for Germany. He entered into a cooperation agreement with Daystar Television Network,[18] a world wide Christian TV Network founded by Marcus and Joni Lamb, to build Daystar Television Deutschland, a German language version of Daystar.

Then Peschken applied for a broadcast license (see KEK[19] - Kommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration im Medienbereich)in Germany which caused great controversy and months long discussions between Germany's 'Landesmedienanstalten' (state appointed agencies that issue licenses to broadcasters) whether to allow a pure Christian orientated TV network that uses the American, Tele evangelizing approach. Finally Peschken's company Trinity TV, on November 11, 2006 received a broadcast license issued by the BLM[20] (Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien). However, shortly thereafter his cooperation partner Daystar Television Network decided to launch their world wide network via Astra 19.2°E/Digital into Germany, and Peschken ended the cooperation. He then renamed the network into 'Trinita TV' (Trinita = Latin for Trinity)

In 2007 based on his newly found conviction for the Catholic Church and it's teachings, he could no longer support an Evangelical Christian Television Network approach. He also wanted that his network to reach the whole world and not just Germany.

In 2009 Peschken restructured his network concept again, but did not disclose details yet. Being a network for the entire family, he decided to apply nearly all provisions of the 'Hays Code' to all its original productions and programs.

Status February 2010: The name of the new network is not decided yet. Peschken awaits funding from a European investor group that had signed a funding agreement with Peschken already in 2008. "I have good reasons to believe that this time things will happen!" says Peschken.


Feature Films

This is a table of feature films that Christian Peschken has been involved in as producer or executive producer .

Note: As far as the films: Presumed Dead , Double Cross, Max Havoc; Ring of Fire, Heatstroke, and Razor, Mr. Peschken ended his active involvement in the production & co-funding activities in 2005 . The actual production of the films began after his exit.

Name Year Producer Writer
Flight of the Dove 1994 Green tickY Red XN
Dillinger & Capone 1995 Green tickY Red XN
Suspect Device 1995 Green tickY Red XN
Captain Nuke & the Bomber Boys 1995 Green tickY Red XN
Vital Signs 1997 Green tickY Red XN
Baby Trade 1997 Green tickY Red XN
Hostile Environment 1998 Green tickY Green tickY
Presumed Dead 2006 Green tickY Red XN
Double Cross 2006 Green tickY Red XN
Max Havoc: Ring of Fire 2006 Green tickY Red XN
Heatstroke 2007 Green tickY Red XN
Razor 2008 Green tickY Red XN

Reality TV

This is a table of reality TV series that Christian Peschken has been involved in as Writer, director, producer, cameraman. Some of the programs were aired on 'The Word Network' and 'JCTV' (a TBN network).

Name Year Producer Director Writer
Mercenaries of the Lord 2000 Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Assignment X 2001-2002 Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
City Van 2002-2003 Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY


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