Asia Pacific Football League

Asia Pacific Football League

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The Asia Pacific Football League, was a planned American football league that was to be based in the Pacific Rim


The APFL was listed as a sports entertainment development project. It was to be the first professional American football league in the Asia Pacific region. By fall of 1999, teams would play each other in six Pacific Rim cities. Expansion plans were in the works to have a total of twenty cities involved in the league by 2003, with an estimated market target of two billion people.

The APFL had two main office locations. An office in Tyler, Texas and in Hunghom, Hong Kong.


*1993: An unknown American private investor hired Patrick Van Rooyen (eventually APFL CEO) to research feasibility of playing American professional football in the Asia Pacific Rim. The studies were completed by Patrick Van Rooyen, the concept showed to be extremely favorable, and the UFL (United Football League) was formed. The initial exhibition game was scheduled in Taipei, Taiwan to be played during American week.

*February 1994: Van Rooyen is appointed Commissioner of Asian Operations and coordinates activities to create and promote the game. He brings over 100 players, coaches, cheerleaders, and staff to Taipei for the game.

*June 1994: Cheerleaders arrive to begin personal appearances in shopping malls and other venues.

*July 1994: An United States All-Star team plays the Taipei Dragons at Chungshan Stadium before 22,000 fans. The game receives regional television coverage through CCTV. Game sponsors include American and Chinese companies such as Budweiser, Wilson Sporting Goods, Russell Athletic, Riddell, and Snapple.

*August 1994: Negotiations between UFL President and Asian investors break down and the UFL folds.

*November 1994: The restructuring of a new league headed up by Patrick Van Rooyen CEO of the APFL, assures the Asian people of a long term commitment and professionalism when the new league arrive. This commitment is well received by the Asian principals.

*December 1995:Van Rooyen, Attorney Bill Frizzell, and Real Estate Developer Wayne Whitman revisit China and the Pacific rim for two weeks meeting Government officials, and potential investors to reaffirm the new league's commitment to bring professional football to the Asia Pacific region. There is very much support, enthusiasm and anticipation for the Asia Pacific Football League's arrival.

*1996: Efforts continue as Van Rooyen and others structure a long term development plan for bringing American football to the Asia Pacific rim.

*April 1997: The Asia Pacific Football League was incorporated in Texas.

*October 1997: A celebrated agreement was reached with Preston Pearson (former player for the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Colts, and Pittsburgh Steelers). Pearson was contracted by the league to consult and assist the league in its organizational efforts. What became of his role is unknown.

*March 1998: Agreements are being made with investors and key individuals experienced in professional sports, football, and league operations.

*April 1998: APFL unveils Official APFL logo and web site.

*January 23, 1999, league officials met in Dallas to finalize plans for the 1999 season.

*March 1999: Orginizied tryout dates set for the APFL. Tryouts were to be in late summer 1999 in Dallas, Texas at Texas Stadium.


Plans for the 1999 season would have included six teams in compention. According to the APFL website (last updated in 2000), ten teams were listed, located in eight different countries.

It is unknown where the other ten teams were to be located.

It is possible that the Hawaii team proposed by the league, was the same team that played in the Hawaii Football League as the team shared the same name, colors, and logo.


The following is a gallery of proposed helmets for the APFL.

End with no beginning

According to the APFL website in 1999. The "current political environment and relations" between the United States and China, were not optimal for the APFL to hold games in China, moving back the season to the year 2000.

The next year, the APFL mysteriously folded and no further word has been heard from any team officials.


Currently, there are no known plans to attempt an American football league in the Pacific Rim.

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* [ APFL Website from, circa March 2000]

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