Robert Bogle

Robert Bogle

Robert "Bob" Bogle is a former provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada. He served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1975 to 1993.

Political career

Bogle first ran for office in the electoral district of Taber-Warner in the 1971 Alberta general election. He was defeated in a hotly contested race by Incumbent Social Credit MLA Douglas Miller.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1971| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18] He ran for a second time in the 1975 Alberta general election. Bogle increased his popular vote and defeated Social Credit leader Werner Schmidt to win his first term in office and pickup the district for the Progressive Conservatives.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1975| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18]

In his first term in office Premier Peter Lougheed appointed Bogle to the cabinet as a reward for defeating Schmidt. His first portfolio was titled Minister without portfolio responsible for native affairs. He held that job until the 1979 Alberta general election. Bogle ran for his second term in office that year and was re-elected with an increased majority defeating three other candidates.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1979| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18] After the election he was appointed as the Minister of Social Services and Community Health and held that post until the 1982 Alberta general election.

Bogle ran for a third term in office in 1982 and won a super majority. He defeated three other candidates winning 70% of the popular vote. The plurality would be the largest of his electoral career.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1982| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18] After the election he was appointed as the Minister of Transportation. In 1985 Premier Don Getty took power and re-appointed Boggle to that post. He ran for his fourth term in office in the 1986 Alberta general election. In that race his plurality was significantly reduced but he still won re-election comfortably.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1986| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18]

Bogle was not returned to the cabinet after the '86 election and spent the rest of his time as a private member in the government caucus. He ran for his fifth and final term in office in the 1989 Alberta general election. His popular vote increased and he was re-elected easily.cite web|url=| title=Taber-Warner results 1989| publisher=Alberta Heritage | accessdate=2008-04-18] Bogle retired at dissolution of the Legislative Assembly in 1993.


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