The CDJ-800 (known as the "Mark 1" once the second version was released) is a stripped down model of the CDJ-1000 (including the second and third versions, the CDJ-1000MK2 & CDJ-1000MK3), made by the Pioneer Corporation. It is similar in size to the CDJ-1000, but doesn't have the same functionality, and comes in a hard plastic silver casing, rather than the black casing of the CDJ-1000. The biggest differences with the 1000-series players are : Totally different mechanisme for the jog rotation, No Memory card option, No waveform and the overall build is slightly lighter than the CDJ-1000 series.

The general design purpose of the CDJ-800 was to offer DJ's the Jog facilities they have in the club on CDJ-1000's at home for a lower price.

The CDJ-800 was introduced in November 2002 and discontinued in February 2006 [cite web|url=|title=CDJ-800 page on DJResource.|accessdate=2008-06-13] .


Released in the beginning of 2006 (march) [cite web|url=|title=Pioneer History page on DJResource.|accessdate=2008-06-13] , the "Mark 2" version of the player has advances on the first model. It supports MP3 CD playback as well as CD-Text. The unit has been further refined with an updated jog-wheel and brighter displays. Like the first version it comes in a silver colour, however the pitch control slider on the CDJ-800MK2 is also in silver, while the original version's was in black.

ee also

*CDJ-1000 (including CDJ-1000MK2, & CDJ-1000MK3).
*CDJ-500 (including CDJ-500II, & CDJ-500S).


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