Whistler (surname)

Whistler (surname)

The Whistler family are a notable artistic family from the south of England whose members include the prominent English national figures, brothers Rex Whistler and Laurence Whistler.

Family Members (currently living)

*Caroline (Robin) Whistler (1944-), writer and illustrator. Married James Ravilious in 1970. Two children, Ben Ravilious and Ella.
*Daniel Whistler (1954- ), documentary film maker.
*Frances (Fan) Whistler (1957- ), literary editor for the Oxford University Press.

Family Members (deceased)

*Rex Whistler (1905-1944), artist, designer and illustrator. Brother of Laurence.
*Laurance Whistler (1912-2000), poet and glass engraver. Brother of Rex. Married Jill Furse in 1939 (she died in 1944). He married Theresa Furse in 1950.
*Theresa Whistler (neé Furse), (1927-2007), children's author and biographer of Walter de la Mare. Obituary ( [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/theresa-whistler-461114.html] )
*Simon Whistler (1940-2005), viola player and glass engraver. M.1 Jenny Helsham (violinist) (1971). M.2 Maggie Faultless (1997) (violinist, leader of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra). Obituary ( [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/simon-whistler-490969.html] )

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