List of people from New Mexico

List of people from New Mexico

The list of people from New Mexico includes notable people who were either born/raised or have lived for a significant period of time in New Mexico.


*Ross Anderson (skier) (1971–), Fastest skier in the Western Hemisphere speed skiing
*Hank Baskett (1982–), NFL player
* Notah Begay III, golfer
*Brenda Burnside (1963–), boxer
*Charlie Cannon, singer, theater performer and co-founder of Starlight Theatre in San Diego, California]
*Jackie Chavez (1983–), boxer
*Doug Eddings(1968–), MLB Umpire, Nemesis of 2005 American League Championship Series by Angels fans.
*Jack Gardner (1910–2000), college men's basketball coach
*Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish (1946–1988), professional wrestler
*Fred Haney (1896-1977), Major League Baseball manager
*Pat Henry (1951–), collegiate track and field head coach
*Ralph Kiner (1922–), Baseball Hall of Famer
*Nancy Lopez (1957–), Hall of Fame golfer
*Ronnie Lott (1959–), Pro Football Hall of Famer
*Steve Ontiveros (b. 1961), baseball player
*Diego Sanchez UFC fighter
*Mike E. Smith (1965–), Hall of Fame jockey
*Vern Stephens (1920-1968), Baseball player
*Johnny Tapia (1967–), boxer
*Al Unser (1939–), race car driver
*Al Unser, Jr. (1962–), race car driver
*Bobby Unser (1934–), race car driver
*Brian Urlacher (1978–), NFL player
*Gabriel Borrego (1984–), MLB player


* Jeff Bezos, founder of
*Conrad Hilton (1887–1979), hotelier, founder of the Hilton Hotel chain


*Billy the Kid (1859–1881), outlaw
*Jose Chavez y Chavez (1851–1924), cowboy and outlaw
* Francisco Martin Duran, attempted assassin of Bill Clinton
*Vernin Martinez,raperattemted assassin of Michael Jackson


*Toney Anaya, (1941- ), Governor
*Clinton Presba Anderson, (1895-1975), Senator
*Elfego Baca (1865–1945)
*Jeff Bingaman, (1943- ), Senator
*Dennis Chavez (1888–1962), Senator
*Bronson M. Cutting, (1888-1935), Senator
*Pete Domenici, 1932–), Senator
*Pat Garrett (1850 – 1945)
* Bruce King, New Mexico governor
* Joseph Montoya, U.S. senator
*Bill Richardson (1947–), Energy Secretary, Ambassador to the United Nations, Governor, first Hispanic candidate for the U.S. Presidency

Native Americans

*Cochise (1812–1874), Chiricahua Apache chief
*Geronimo (1829–1909), Chiricahua Apache chief
*Willard Hughes Rollings (1948-2008), Part Cherokee, historian of Native Americans
*Victorio (1825–1880), Chiricahua Apache chief
*Annie Dodge Wauneka (1895 – 1997), Navajo health educator, winner of Presidential Medal of Freedom

Popular culture

Art, literature, and journalism

*Rudolfo Anaya, novelist
*Jimmy Santiago Baca, poet and author
* Fray Angelico Chavez, poet and painter
*Linda Chavez (1947–), author, commentator, radio talk show host
* R. C. Gorman, Navajo artist
* Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, novelist
*Tony Hillerman (1925 –) journalist, mystery writer, "Edgar" winner, MWA Grand Master
*Peter Hurd (1904–1984), artist
* Agnes Martin, artist
*Bill Mauldin (1921–2003), editorial cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize, 1945 and 1958
*Howard Morgan, television weather forecaster
* Dan Namingha, Hopi artist
* Bruce Nauman, artist
*Georgia O'Keeffe (1887–1986), artist
*Keep Adding, (Brian Bixby & Noah MacDonald), artist collective specializing in digital and spray-paint art
*Ernie Pyle (1900–1945), war correspondent, Pulitzer Prize, 1944
* Antonio Roybal, artist
*Linda Wertheimer, NPR Senior National Correspondent


*Tom Ford, fashion designer and businessman

Film and theater

*Bruce Cabot (1904–1972), actor
*Ronny Cox (1938–), actor
*William Hanna (1910–2001), animator, director, producer,cartoon artist, and co-founder, together with Joseph Barbera, of Hanna-Barbera
*Neil Patrick Harris (1973–), actor
*Judy Herrera, actress
*Mike Judge (1962–), actor, animator, producer
*Val Kilmer (1959–), actor
*Demi Moore (1962–), actress
*Freddie Prinze Jr. (1975, actor) "Raised in New Mexico"
*Kim Stanley (1925–2001), actress
*French Stewart (1964–), actor


*Zach Condon, musician (Beirut)
*John Denver (1943–1997), singer-songwriter
*Amelia Maciszewski (1954–), sitarist
*Michael Martin Murphey (1945–), country musician
*Norman Petty (1927–1984), musician, songwriter, record producer
*James Tenney, composer
*The Shins, Albuquerque Indie Rock band
*Xzibit (1974 –) rapper, television host

cience and technology

*Edward Condon (1902–1974), Nuclear physicists
*Sidney M. Gutierrez (1951–), astronaut
*Harrison Schmitt (1935–), astronaut, geologist and former U.S. Senator from New Mexico
* Mark Spencer, computer engineer
* Clyde Tombaugh, astronomer and discoverer of the celestial body (at the time considered to be the 9th planet in the solar system) Pluto


*Dorothy Page (19??–1989), known as the "Mother of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race"

*Addie Peed Swearingen (1904-2008), Portales philanthropist
*Mai Shanley Miss USA 1984

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