Temple of Earth

Temple of Earth

The Temple of the Earth (zh-tsp|t=地壇|s=地坛|p=Dìtán) in Beijing, China, is located in the northern part of Beijing, around the Andingmen area and just outside of Beijing's second ring road. It is also located just a few hundred yards north of Yonghe Temple. At 42.7 hectres, it is the second largest of the four Temples of Beijing behind only the Temple of Heaven.

It was built in 1530 during the Ming dynasty. Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would attend the annual summer solstice ritual of offerings to the heaven.

Directly opposite it, at the other end of the city, is the Temple of Heaven in Chongwenmen, southern urban Beijing.

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*Temple of Heaven
*Temple of Sun
*Temple of the Moon (China)

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