Back Breaker

Back Breaker

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Name = Back Breaker
Type = studio
Artist = The Showdown

Released = August 19, 2008
Recorded = 44:09
Genre = Southern metal Christian metal Thrash metal [ [ - The Showdown - Elizabethton, Tennessee - Metal / Thrash / Rock - ] ]
Length =
Label = Solid State Records
Producer =
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* (88%) [ link]
*Jesusfreakhideout Rating|4.5|5 []
*Metal-Archives [] 75%
Last album = "Feel Like Hell EP" (2007)
This album = "Back Breaker" (2008)
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"Back Breaker" is the third album from the Tennessee heavy metal band The Showdown. It's their first album with Solid State Records. [ [ The Showdown - BANDSONFIRE | Christ-centered Hardcore/Metal/Emo/Punk/Alternative & more ] ] Footage from the band in the process of recording the album can be viewed on their [ YouTube channel] . On June 27, 2008 The Showdown released the track listing. [ [ Back Breaker track listing] ] The band has posted the songs "Achilles The Backbreaker", "Prometheus The Fires Of Deliverance", "Aries I Am Vengeance" and "Hephaestus The Hammer Of The Gods" on their [ MySpace page] from the album. The songs are heavier than the material on "Temptation Come My Way". On August 19, 2008, the album was released in stores.


The style of "Back Breaker" has proved to be somewhat a mix of their first two albums. They have returned to the heavier sound of "A Chorus of Obliteration", while still keeping some of the southern elements of "Temptation Come My Way". Lead vocalist Dave Bunton uses harsh screaming, growling, and yelling often, but also mixes in some singing. Drummer AJ Barette utilizes blast beat drumming through much of the album. Bassist Eric Koruschak uses bass riffs that keep the songs feeling low and full, while guitarist Josh Childers uses heavily distorted riffs, with the occasional whining guitar solo. Each of the album's song titles is based on Greek mythology storylines. [cite news | title=Music Review: Back Breaker, The Showdown | url= | publisher="Cleveland Leader" | accessdate=2008-09-05 | date=25 August 2008 | first=Francis | last=Petruziello ]

The album cover was designed by Ryan Clark and features Mark Dugdale as its model. [cite web | url= | accessdate=2008-09-05 | title=Invisible Creature Exclusive: Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark Calls on Power of Zeus for The Showdown’s Cover Art | date=17 July 2008 | publisher=MTV ]

Track listing

#"Titanomachy - The Beginning" - 2:42
#"Hephaestus - The Hammer Of The Gods" – 4:18
#"Aphrodite - The Disillusionaire" - 4:14
#"Achilles - The Backbreaker" – 3:59
#"Prometheus - The Fires Of Deliverance" – 3:57
#"Cerberus - The Hellhound Awaits" 4:27
#"Odysseus - A Song of Hope" 3:57
#"Aries - I Am Vengeance" – 3:25
#"Infernus - You Will Move" - 4:00
#"Nemesis - Give Us This Day" 3:53
#"Medea - One Foot In Hell" - 5:12


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