List of films set in Houston

List of films set in Houston

Part or all of these movies/shows take place in Houston, Texas and/or the surrounding area:

*"Hellfighters" (1968) with John Wayne
*"Brewster McCloud" (1970) - first film to be filmed inside the Astrodome
*"The Getaway" (1972) - filmed in Huntsville, Texas
*"The Thief Who Came to Dinner" (1973) - set and filmed in Houston
*"Sugar Hill (1974 film)" (1974)- set and filmed in Houston
*"The Sugarland Express" (1974) - filmed on location at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Inmate Division Jester III Unit in Sugar Land, Texas
*"Rollerball" (1975) - Set in Houston but filmed in Bavaria, Germany
*"Logan's Run" (1976) - filmed inside the Houston Hyatt Regency
*"Futureworld" (1976) - filmed at the Johnson Space Center facilities
*"Telefon" (1977) - set in Houston but filmed on a Hollywood backlot, parts of Los Angeles and inside the Hyatt Regency located at 5 Embarcadero in San Francisco, California)
*"The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" (1977)
*"Murder At The World Series" (1977) - made-for-TV film
*"The Swarm" (1978)
*"Urban Cowboy" (1980)
*"Texas" (1980-1982) - Daytime soap opera, a spin-off of "Another World"
*"Murder In Texas" (1981) - made-for-TV film
*"Student Bodies" (1981)
*"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (1982) - Character played by Dom DeLuise was based on KTRK-TV personality Marvin Zindler
*"Terms of Endearment" (1982)
*"Uncommon Valor" (1983) - Set in Houston, filmed in California
*"Cutter to Houston" (1984)
*"Paris, Texas" (1984)
*"The Trip to Bountiful" (1984) - Set in Houston but filmed in Dallas, Texas
*"Houston Knights" (1987-1988)
*"My Best Friend Is A Vampire" (1988)
*"Twins" (1988) - Sale of engine set in Houston
*"A Tiger's Tale" (1988) - Rose's house was in League City, Texas
*"Cohen and Tate" (1989)
*"Night Game" (1989) - filmed in Galveston, Texas
*"I Come In Peace" (1990)
*"RoboCop 2" (1990)- Filmed in Houston
*"Sidekicks" (1992)
*"A Perfect World" (1993) - Filmed in Huntsvile, Texas
*"Jason's Lyric" (1994)
*"Reality Bites" (1994)
*"The Chase" (1994) - Filmed all throughout the Rice Village Area
*"Thea" (1994)
*"Apollo 13" (1995)
*"Independence Day" (1996) - Houston is destroyed by a nuclear missile
*"Tin Cup" (1996) - Final tournament shot in Kingwood, Texas
*"SubUrbia" {1996) - Filmed in Houston, Set in Austin, Texas
*"The Evening Star" (1996)
*"Don't Look Back" (1996) - filmed in Galveston, Texas
*"Selena" (1997) - Selena's final concert scene set in the Astrodome, but filmed in San Antonio, Texas
*"Armageddon (1998 film)" (1998) - filmed at the Johnson Space Center facilities
*"Rushmore" (1998) - written and directed by Houstonian Wes Anderson and filmed at his alma mater - St. John's School
*"Dance With Me" (1998)
*"Arlington Road" (1999)
*"2000 WNBA Champions - Houston Comets" (2000)
*"Space Cowboys" (2000)
*"Reba" (2001-) - set in Houston but filmed in Los Angeles
*"Texas Justice" (2001-) - Filmed in Houston
*"Houston Medical" (2002)
*"" (2003) - Set in Houston, but filmed in Canada
*"" (2003)
*"Right on Track" (2003) - Disney Channel Movie set in Houston, but filmed in Utah
*"Where's the Party Yaar?" (2003)
*"Friday Night Lights" (2004) (In the book and real life events, the final game of the Permian High School Team is played at The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas not the Astrodome of Houston)
*"14 Hours" (2005) - Made-for-TV film set in Houston, but filmed in Canada
*"Volver" (2006) - Houston is mentioned briefly several times by a woman with cancer as a place where "they cure everything there".
*"Tree of Life" (2009) currently being shot in Houston starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.

Though Houston and its suburbs are a prime spot for the filming of movies, the storylines do not usually include the story taking place in the city. (For example, "The Chase" (1994), was filmed entirely in Houston.)

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