name = Railroaded!

imdb_id = 0039748
producer = Charles Reisner
director = Anthony Mann
writer = Gertrude Walker (story)
John C. Higgins
starring = John Ireland
Sheila Ryan
Hugh Beaumont
Jane Randolph
music = Alvin Levin
cinematography = Guy Roe
editing = Louis Sackin
distributor = Producers Releasing Corporation
Eagle-Lion Films
released = September 25, 1947
runtime = 72 min.
language = English

"Railroaded!" is a 1947 black-and-white film noir directed by Anthony Mann.


The innocent owner of a car used in a back-room bookie operation robbery is "railroaded" (or framed) for the killing of a cop during the getaway. Police detective Mickey Ferguson (Hugh Beaumont) at first thinks the boy is guilty despite his attraction for his sister Rosa. The two work together to prove the boy innocent even though he was accused of the killing during a death bed confession by one of the robbers. John Ireland plays Duke Martin, a gangster who helped plan the crime in an attempt to skim off of his boss' money.

Critical reaction

A recent review found the film "Dour and purposeful, Railroaded reveals something about the strengths and weaknesses of Anthony Mann’s noir series." [ [http://www.crimeculture.com/Contents/FilmReviews/Railroaded.htm Crime Culture website review] ]


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