House of Aragon

House of Aragon

The (Royal) House of Aragon was a royal house that could refer to several different dynasties that ruled first the County later the Kingdom and finally the Crown of Aragon:
*Family of Aznar Galíndez I (809–820, 844–922 or later), detached Aragon from Francia
*Family of García Galíndez (820–844), fought with the descendants of Aznar
*Jiménez dynasty (before 994–1162), established Aragonese kingdom (between 1035 and 1076)
*House of Barcelona (1137–1410), descended from previous in the female line, established Crown of Aragon
*House of Trastámara (1412–1555), descended from previous in the female line, established the Kingdom of Spain
*House of Habsburg (1516–1700), descended from previous in the female line, ruled as part of the Spanish Crown
*House of Bourbon (1700–1715), dissolved Aragonese crown with the Nueva Planta decrees

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