So You Think You Can Dance — Scandinavia

So You Think You Can Dance — Scandinavia

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show_name = So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia

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format = Interactive reality game show
runtime = Varies
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executive_producer = flagicon|NOR Jarle Nakken flagicon|NOR Astrid Lundeberg flagicon|SWE Carina Carlsson flagicon|DEN Maria Thastum
developer =
director =
presenter = flagicon|NOR Henriette Lien flagicon|SWE Kicki Berg flagicon|DEN Vicki Jo
starring = flagicon|NOR Merete Lingjærde flagicon|SWE Benke Rydman flagicon|DEN Niclas Bendixen
country = NOR SWE DEN
location =
network = TVNorge (Norway) Kanal 5 (Sweden) Kanal 5 (Denmark)
first_aired = flagicon|SWE February 28, 2008 flagicon|NOR March 13, 2008 flagicon|DEN March 13, 2008
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num_seasons = 1
num_episodes = flagicon|SWE 22 flagicon|NOR 20 flagicon|DEN 20
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"So You Think You Can Dance — Scandinavia" was a co-operation between Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and was a version of the original American show, "So You Think You Can Dance".

Swedish station Kanal 5 was the main-producer of the show. The show was on TVNorge in Norway and Kanal 5 in Sweden and Denmark.

The winner was 18-year-old hip-hop dancer Mona-Jeanette Berntsen from Norway.


*flagicon|NOR Merete Lingjærde
*flagicon|DEN Niclas Bendixen
*flagicon|SWE Benke Rydman


Dancers audition for a ticket to a big workshop in Oslo. The dancer must use music from the record companys: Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music or Sony BMG. You must be 16 years old for audition.


The first audition were in Oslo, Norway.

We met these dancers who came to the top 24:


After the auditions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden the show had a big workshop in Oslo.There they found 8 dancers from each country. 4 males and 4 females each.



The finals began with 24 contestants, 4 male and 4 female from each country. After partners are assigned, couples pick a dance style out of a hat, are rehearsed by a choreographer, and perform their routine. Following the airing performances, home wievers vote for their favorite couple. The bottom three couples (six dancers overall) are then liable for elimination by the judges on the results shows an hour later. All six dancers perform a solo, after which the judges one male and one female contestant (the two first shows they eliminate four dancers). If the eliminated dancers are not from the same couple, their respective partners form a new pair for the following week's performances. Once field of dancers is narrowed down to the top 12, permanent partnerships dissolve and contestants draw their new partners and two dance styles from a hat each week. The judges no longer have any say in the elimination process; viwers call in to vote for their favorite individual dancer, and the male and the female with the lowest votes are eliminated each week.

Elimination chart

Contestants are in alphabetical order by last name, then in reverse chronogical order of elimination.

= Week 2 (17 April 2008) =

= Week 5 (8 May 2008) =

= Week 8 (Finale) [29 May 2008] =

*Group dances:
**Merete Lingjærde, Niclas Bendixen, Fredrik "Benke" Rydman, Ronnie Morgonstjerne, Siv Gaustad, Robin Peters, Trinh Nguyen, Egor Filipenko, Huyen Huynh, Marvin Spahi, Marie Sol Sandberg, Daniel Sarr, Sandra Vather, Phillip Jenkins, Geir Gundersen, Annette Jensen-Bach, Suzanna Asovic, Mario Amigo, Yngvar Halvorsen, Andrea Schirmer and Stinna Shaktiva: "Comin' Home Baby"—Michael Bublé feat. Boys II Men (Jazz, Choreographer: Toni Ferraz)
**Mona-Jeanette Berntsen, Martin Gæbe, Daniel Koivunen, Mynte Lagoni, Sergio Benvindo Junior and Emma Hedlund: "Sorry (Paul Oakenfold Video Mix)"—Madonna (Contemporary, Choreographers: Knut Arild Flatner and Karl-Erik Nedregaard)

Results shows

= Week 1 (10 April 2008) =

*Group dance: "Freakshow"—Britney Spears (Pop-Jazz, Choreographer: Tine Aspaas)
**Huyen Huynh: "What Love Is"—Mary J. Blige
**Mario Amigo: "Rubber Bullet Kiss"—Motocross Madness
**Stinna Shaktiva: "Footballer's Wife"—Amy MacDonald
**Yngvar Halvorsen: "Right Here, Right Now"—Fatboy Slim
**Andrea Schirmer: "Stickwitu"—The Pussycat Dolls
**Marvin Spahi: "We Gonna Win"—Miri Ben-Ari
**Stinna Shaktiva
**Andrea Schirmer
**Yngvar Halvorsen
**Mario Amigo
*New partners:
**Huyen Huynh and Marvin Spahi

= Week 2 (17 April 2008) =

*Group dance: "So Much Betta"—Janet Jackson feat. Daft Punk (Hip-hop, Choreographer: Belinda Braza)
**Sandra Vather: "Isaac"—Madonna
**Phillip Jenkins: "Personal Jesus"—Depeche Mode
**Suzanna Asovic: "Rubber Bullet Kiss"—Motocross Madness
**Geir Gundersen: "On the Run"—Yello
**Annette Jensen-Bach: ""—Fergie
**Daniel Sarr: "We Don't Need No Water (When I Need a Man)"—Tweet feat. Missy Elliott
**Suzanna Asovic
**Annette Jensen-Bach
**Geir Gundersen
**Phillip Jenkins
*New partners:
**Sandra Vather and Daniel Sarr

= Week 3 (24 April 2008) =

*Group dance: "Big Spender"—Shirley Bassey (Jazz, Choreographer: Roine Söderlundh)
**Sandra Vather: "Non Me Lo So Spiegare"—Tiziano Ferro
**Daniel Sarr: "Breakout"—Sean Paul
**Huyen Huynh: "Scratch Bass"—Lamb
**Marvin Spahi: "Tears Dry On Their Own"—Amy Winehouse
**Siv Gaustad: "Overcome"—Tricky
**Ronnie Morgonstjerne: "Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Instrumental)"—Kanye West
**Sandra Vather
**Daniel Sarr
*New partners:

= Week 4 (1 May 2008) =

*Group dance: "Charlie Big Potato"—Skunk Anansie (Contemporary, Choreographer: Kristine Melby)
**Huyen Huynh: "Poison"—Bel Biv DeVoe
**Marvin Spahi: "Just a Thought"—Gnarls Barkley
**Marie Sol Sandberg: ""—Laurie Anderson
**Robin Peters: "Spanish Joint"—D'Angelo
**Mona-Jeanette Berntsen: "Fall Out"—Method Man
**Sergio Benvindo Junior: "This Year's Love"—David Gray
**Marie Sol Sandberg
**Marvin Spahi
*New partners:
**Every couple. Now that only the top 12 remain, new partners are randomly assigned each week.

= Week 5 (8 May 2008) =

**Huyen Huynh: "Clockwork"—Juelz Santana
**Robin Peters: "American Woman"—Lenny Kravitz
**Trinh Nguyen: "Supermassive Black Hole"—Muse
**Ronnie Morgonstjerne: "Lost Without U"—Robin Thicke
**Siv Gaustad: "Where Is Everybody?"—Nine Inch Nails
**Egor Filipenko: "Summertime"—Billy Stewart
**Huyen Huynh
**Egor Filipenko

= Week 6 (15 May 2008) =

**Trinh Nguyen: "Loving You Still"—Tamia
**Ronnie Morgonstjerne: "Can't Buy Me Love"—Michael Bublé
**Mynte Lagoni: "Can't Let Go"—Linda Király
**Sergio Benvindo Junior: "All That I Am"—Rob Thomas
**Siv Gaustad: "Aeroplane"—Björk
**Robin Peters: "Flashing Lights"—Kanye West feat. Dwele
**Trinh Nguyen
**Robin Peters

= Week 7 (22 May 2008) =

**Mynte Lagoni: "Ghost Love Score"—Nightwish
**Ronnie Morgonstjerne: "Sweat (A La La La La Long)"—Inner Circle
**Emma Hedlund: "Believe"—The Chemical Brothers
**Sergio Benvindo Junior: "Glow"—Nelly Furtado
**Siv Gaustad: "You Cause Me So Much Sorrow"—Sinéad O'Connor
**Martin Gæbe: "Apologize"—Timbaland feat. OneRepublic
**Siv Gaustad
**Ronnie Morgonstjerne

= Week 8 (Grand Finale) [29 May 2008] =

**Daniel Koivunen: "Last Night"—P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole
**Mynte Lagoni: "Kiss"—Prince and The Revolution
**Mona-Jeanette Berntsen: "Hmm Hmm"—Beenie Man
**Martin Gæbe: "Stronger"—Kanye West
*Eliminated:1. Emma Hedlund and Sergio Benvindo Junior
2. Mynte Lagoni and Daniel Koivunen
3. Martin Gæbe
**Mona-Jeanette Berntsen — won the title "Scandinavia's Favorite Dancer" and 500.000 NOK

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