John of Patmos

John of Patmos

John of Patmos is the name given to the author of the Book of Revelation (or Book of the Apocalypse) in the New Testament. According to the text of Revelation, the author, who gives his name as "John," is living in exile on the Greek island of Patmos. In Revelation, he writes to the seven Christian churches in Asia to relate two apocalytic visions he has had. John of Patmos is often referred to as John the Divine, or John the Theologian, and the message he received is considered divine Revelation by most Christians. "Apocalypse" is a Greek word for "revelation" or "uncovering", and "divine" an old Anglican [this being the old English translation] usage meaning "theologian". He is also known as the Eagle of Patmos [ accessed September 15, 2007] and John the Seer, and John of Nazarene. [ accessed September 15, 2007] Several Christian denominations regard him as a prophet and a saint.

John of Patmos, the author of the Book of Revelation, was traditionally believed to be the same person as both John, the apostle of Jesus and John the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of John. Justin Martyr, writing in the early 2nd century, was the first to equate the author of Revelation with John the apostle.Justin Martyr, "Dialogue with Trypho", 81.4] Some biblical scholars now contend that these were separate individuals. [Harris, Stephen L., Understanding the Bible. Palo Alto: Mayfield. 1985. p. 355] [cite book |last=Ehrman |first=Bart D.|authorlink=Bart D. Ehrman |title=The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings |year=2004 |pages=p.468 |publisher=Oxford |location=New York |id=ISBN 0-19-515462-2 ]

John the Presbyter, teacher of Papias, bishop of Hieropolis in the early 2nd century, is often with John of Patmos or with the Apostle. Church historian Eusebius of Caesarea, and Dionysius of Alexandria both identified the John in Revelation as John the Presbyter. However, since John was a common name among early Christians it cannot be ruled out that John of Patmos was a John distinct from John the evangelist, John the apostle and John the author of the Johannine epistles.

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