Konex Award

Konex Award

Konex Foundation awards, or simple Konex awards are cultural awards form the Konex Foundation to Argentine personalities.

Created in 1980, where conceived as a way to reward the Argentine personalities and institutions of different fields, as well as to stimulate the beginners.

Even though the awards are handed every year, they are organised by cycles of 10 years. From 1980 to 1989 awards were given to personalities for their life-time accomplishments. From 1990 to 1999 the they were awarded for accomplishments in the last decade. Then the cycle starts again, from 2000 to 2009 with life-time accomplishments. The fields of the awards different for each year, but they repeat in each cycle, and each year 20 specialist on the selected field are selected as members of the grand jury, each of them expert in a subfield.

The fields of every year:

*1980 1990 2000 Sports
*1981 1991 2001 Entertainment
*1982 1992 2002 Visual Arts
*1983 1993 2003 Science and Technology
*1984 1994 2004 Literature
*1985 1995 2005 Popular Music
*1986 1996 2006 Humanities
*1987 1997 2007 Communication / Journalism
*1988 1998 2008 Institutions / Communities / Companies
*1989 1999 2009 Classical Music

5 persons are nominated for each category, and given a "Merit Diploma". Then a "Platinum Konex" is awarded to one of this categories, and a "Diamond Konex" given to one of them as the most important achievement in the field. Finally, a "Honour Konex" is awarded to one notable dead person.

For instance, in the 1980 Konex awards on sports, 20 "Platinum Konex" awards where given in the specialities of "Athletics, Ball, Basketball, Billiard, Boxing, Chess, Cycling, Fencing, Football (Soccer), Golf, Horsemanship, Polo, Racing, Roller-Skating Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, Turf and Yachting".
Juan Manuel Fangio, besides the "Platinum Konex" for Racing, received the "Diamond Konex". The "Honour Konex" was awarded to Jorge Newbery.

The Konex Awards are internationally recognised since its creation, and are one of the most important and distinguished in Argentina.

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