Blood sister

Blood sister

Blood Sister is a term not unlike Blood brothers, but involves a female who swears loyalty to another female. It can also mean sisters by birth. It can also refer to many things:


*"Blood Sisters" (2005), a book by Barbara Keating and Stephanie Keating
*"Blood Sisters: A Novel of an Epic Friendship" (2006), a book by Mary Jacobsen
*"Blood Sisters" (2004), a book by Shannon B. Greer
*"Blood Sisters" (2004), a book by C.L. Barnes
*"Blood Sisters" (2003), a book by Valerie Miner
*"Josie and Yohiko: Blood Sisters" (2003), a book by Everett Whitney
*"Blood Sisters" (2001), a book by Jeanne Carbonara Sutton
*"Blood Sisters" (2001), a book by Melody Carlson
*"Blood Sister, I Am to These Fields" (2001), a book of award winning poetry by Linda Hussa from Black Rock Press
*"Blood Sisters" (2000), a book by Dilys Gater
*"Blood Sister" (1994), a book by Ken Englade (part of the St. Martin's true crime library)
*"Blood Sisters" (1994), a book by Judith Henry Wall
*"Blood Sisters: The French Revolution in Women's Memory" (1993), a book by Marilyn Yalom
*"Blood Sisters" (1990), a book by Rosemarie Santini
*"Blood Sisters" (1988), a book by Deborah Sherwood
*"Blood Sisters" (1985), a book by Mark Manley

hort Stories

*"Blood Sister", a short story featured in "Am I Blue?: Coming out from the Silence" (1995, edited by Marion Dane Bauer) written by Jane Yolen
*"Blood Sisters" (1991), a short story by Greg Egan originally featured in "Interzone 44" in 1991.:Also featured in Greg Egan's collection "Axiomatic"


*"Blood Sisters" (2001), an article in "Sight and Sound", 11 (6) June 2001, pp. 36-7 by Linda Ruth Williams

Alternate titles

*"Blood Sisters" was a rejected title for the "Blood Fever", the 2006 second novel in the Young James Bond series written by Charlie Higson

Plays and theater

*"Blood Sisters/Hermanas de sangre" (2005), a contemporary Spanish play by Cristina Fernandez Cubas and Karen Denise Dinicola

*"Blood Sisters" a stage play and screenplay by Neil Paton based on the Christine and Lea Papin's murder of their boss and her daughter.



* Blood Sisters, the name of a reggae music group (their re-make of "Ring My Bell" was featured on the )


*"Blood Sister", the 1994 B-side of the single "Belly Up" Popcor (POPCOR004) by Spacemaid


Episode titles

*"Blood Sisters", the title of season 1, episode 12 of "The Wild Thornberrys" that first aired 10/27/1998
*"Blood Sisters", the title of season 1, episode 8 of the Australian TV series "Wild Kat", directed by Steve Peddie.


*"Blood Sisters", a 2003 film by Joe Castro
*"Blood Sisters", a 1987 film by Roberta Findlay
*"BloodSisters" , 1995 documentary film by Michelle Handelman
*"Blood Sister", a 2003 Nigerian film by Tchidi Chikere:"Blood Sister 2", the 2003 sequel to the above mentioned film, also directed by Tchidi Chikere
*"Blood Sisters: Vamps 2", a 2002 horror film by Mark Burchett
*"Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin" (AKA "Sisters of Sin"), a 2004 erotic horror film directed by Greg Griffin.

Film: Alternate title

*Alternate title for the Brian De Palma directed 1973 film "Sisters (film)"
*Alternate title for the 2006 German short film "Blodsøstre" directed by Louise Friedberg
*Alternate/bootleg title for the 2000 Japanese film "Senketsu no kizuna: Kichiku reipuhan o shinkan saseta shimai", directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi
*Alternate title for the 1993 Hong Kong film "Meng xing xue wei ting", directed by Chun-Yeung Wong and Simon Yun Ching

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