List of Lightning Scientific Arnis Masters

List of Lightning Scientific Arnis Masters

This is a list of all current masters (highest rank in LSAI) of the Filipino martial art, Lightning Scientific Arnis:

1. Leopoldo Alcotora
2. Armando Arroyo
3. Reynaldo Arroyo
4. Nicolas Basig
5. Romeo Cheng
6. Damian Cruz
7. Simeon Cruz
8. Romeo de Leon
9. Manolo del Rosario
10. Nathan Ben Dominguez
11. Jon Escudero
12. Arnold Esparcia
13. Rizalino Estacio
14. Rodolfo Ibardolasa
15. Felipe P. Jocano Jr.
16. Herman A. Licanto
17. Luis Luna
18. Agripino E. Mayuga
19. Ericson Mejia
20. Carlito A. Ondillo
21. Alex Ortinero
22. Jimmy Paclibar
23. Pio Paclibar
24. Shaun Porter
25. Joey Quiriones
26. Ronald Ramirez
27. Proceso T. Rodriguez
28. Jess Royo Sr.
29. Vicente R. Sanchez
30. Romeo A. Santos
31. Enrique Tansipek
32. Lito Torrefranca
33. Romeo Valleno
34. Romeo Valenzuela
36. “Boy” Villeno
37. Juanito Villeno
38. Elmer Ybañez

All of those listed here have either formed their own clubs under the LSAI banner or else are teaching privately. Some of the clubs include the "ADB Arnis Club, Warriors Arnis, L.E.M.A. (Lema Eskrima Martial Arts), KAI (Kali Arnis International), Mandirigmang Ka-liradman, Paclibar Bicol Arnis, UP (University of the Philippines) Sangkil Karasak and Academia Tercia Cerrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga".

The students of GM Lema based in Roxas City, Capiz, still maintain LSAI chapters there.

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